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the shifting sonic sands of scenic

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  • Carl Zimring
    I ve spent much of the day working to Scenic s _Aquatica_, a record I hadn t pulled out in a while. Scenic is the current (sorta -- they ve put out one ep in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4 12:30 PM
      I've spent much of the day working to Scenic's _Aquatica_, a record I
      hadn't pulled out in a while. Scenic is the current (sorta -- they've put
      out one ep in the past five years) band of former Savage Republic
      dronemeister Bruce Licher. Every song is instrumental, and sounds like
      something Ennio Morricone or Bernard Herrmann would have cooked up had they
      been in postpunk California guitar bands.

      Anyway, this record is gorgeous, especially the long, majestic "Ionia" and
      soaring "Parisia". It's gorgeous guitar music without solos but with more
      structure and rock sensibility than, say Bill Nelson's post- Red Noise

      Speaking of Savage Republic, they're going to reform for a mini-tour of
      NYC, SF and LA in November. The Mobolization reissues of the back catalog
      sound great and come in new Licher letterpress packages. (Licher's a
      pretty handy guy with a letterpress, perhaps his best-known work are Camper
      Van Beethoven's _Telephone Free Landslide Victory_ and _Our Beloved
      Revolutionary Sweetheart_ sleeves.)

      Carl Z.
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