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Clip: Limited-Edition 3xCD Joy Division Box Set Due This Month

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  • Carl Zimring
    This has nothing to do with Biz Markie, but I thought it might be of interest to a few folks here. Carl Z. ***
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2003
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      This has nothing to do with Biz Markie, but I thought it might be of
      interest to a few folks here.

      Carl Z.



      Limited-Edition 3xCD Joy Division Box Set Due This Month
      "And this chair. And this paddle-ball game. And this Joy Division box set,
      and that's all I need."

      [Posted Wednesday, November 12th, 2003 04:00:00 Pitchfork Central Time]

      Joshua Sharp reports:
      Hey there, kiddies! Disgruntled Santa in the house, keeping it real on the
      wizzle-wagon, and all of that garbage. I've got a question for all of
      ya'll, and don't sweat the answer too much-- it's not the kind of question
      that you can get wrong. How many of you lovable tykes enjoy the seminal
      stylings of Joy Division? Don't even think about raising your hand, Billy,
      that was clearly a rhetorical question. Of course you like Joy Division!
      Their gloomy, tightly-woven, and freakishly danceable sound paved the way
      for all those shithead revivalists you eat up with a spoon, and they're
      widely regarded as one of the greatest bands of all time. But unfortunately
      for all you budding infant goths, singer Ian Curtis went to post-punk
      heaven way back in the May of 1980, after leaping in front of a kryptonite
      missile to save Superman's life.

      At the time of the band's unseasonable demise, they had a pretty damn
      respectable collection of recorded material-- keeping in mind, of course,
      the sucker's motto of "quality over quantity." Someone up at the top of the
      food chain (I'm not gonna lie to you guys, it was the selfsame God that
      made your parents care so tragically little for your general well-being)
      decided that the band's discography wasn't quite bulbous enough for his
      liking, a minor grievance which was promptly amended by a little something
      us grownups refer to as "the posthumous release."

      So to nurture the collectors with another round of scrumptious rarities and
      to extract a meaty wad of neon-green cash money from an artist's bloated
      corpse, Factory Records is releasing a Joy Division live box set on
      November 24th. Not only does it contain three whole shows of Joy Division
      at their indisputably all-time most live, but it also comes jam-packed with
      an extra-large t-shirt and a facsimile of a 1979 tour poster!

      But of course, there's got to be some cruel and unusual twist specifically
      designed to make you simps bawl your beady little eyes out, and it's this:
      two of the three shows in this set (namely Preston and Les Bains Douche)
      have already been commercially released, and the so-called exclusive third
      concert (a show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam from January 1980) has been
      widely distributed for so long now that the first person to burn a CD-R of
      the bootleg invented the wheel eleven months later.

      And while I'm sure the die-hard collectors out there (take that copy of
      Permanent out of your mouth, Billy, you're making Santa love you even less)
      would adore an official release of the Amsterdam concert, said collectors
      wouldn't be very good at their job if they didn't already own copies of the
      other two shows included in this set.

      All t-shirts aside (and it's still unconfirmed whether the shirt is even a
      new design), this limited-edition box set extravaganza (only 3000 minted on
      planet Earth) fails to deliver anything new. Whether or not it's worth your
      coin is a purely subjective decision, which I'd wager has a lot to do with
      whether you already own these live performances, but one thing is made
      crystal clear by the law of the posthumous release: money talks, bullshit
      walks. And you little bastards are getting salads for Christmas! Never
      forget! Tracklist:

      Les Bains Douche [live December 18th, 1979]:

      01 Disorder
      02 Love Will Tear Us Apart
      03 Insight
      04 Shadowplay
      05 Transmission
      06 Day Of the Lords
      07 Twenty-Four Hours
      08 These Days
      09 A Means to an End
      10 Passover
      11 New Dawn Fades
      12 Atrocity Exhibition
      13 Digital
      14 Dead Souls
      15 Auto-suggestion
      16 Atmosphere

      Paradiso Club [live January 11th, 1980]:

      01 Passover
      02 Wilderness
      03 Digital
      04 Day of the Lords
      05 Insight
      06 New Dawn Fades
      07 Disorder
      08 Transmission
      09 Love Will Tear Us Apart
      10 These Days
      11 A Means to an End
      12 Twenty-Four Hours
      13 Shadowplay
      14 She's Lost Control
      15 Atrocity Exhibition

      Preston Warehouse [live February 28th, 1980]:

      01 Incubation
      02 Wilderness
      03 Twenty-Four Hours
      04 The Eternal
      05 Heart and Soul
      06 Shadowplay
      07 Transmission
      08 Disorder
      09 Warsaw
      10 Colony
      11 Interzone
      12 She's Lost Control

      .: Factory: http://www.factoryrecords.com
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