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Re: [fearnwhiskey] AMC back catalog/more AMC gigs/AMC Archive

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    Basically Tom Mallon won t sign,in his role as producer,the release form that would allow the reissues cos he feels he wasn t paid enough at the time.There is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2003
      Basically Tom Mallon won't sign,in his role as producer,the release form
      that would allow the reissues cos he feels he wasn't paid enough at the
      time.There is no problem from Warners,they would allow the reissues,they'd
      probably get a cut and might start recovering some of the money they lost on
      Mark said he's offered Mallon more money,Mallon refused,even the rationality
      of seeing that he would get a fair bit of money from the reissues seems to
      have no effect.
      I've heard several different accounts of the whole mess,someone I knew was
      actually at a gig with Tom Mallon a year or so ago and Mallon said that it
      was down to Eitzel and when it came down to Engine and why there were so few
      exta tracks on the reissue Mark didn't want to put anymore on,there was a
      whole bunch of amazing demos available.Mark wanted to sabotage the reissues
      by putting bad bonus tracks on them!! Find it hard to believe though,Mark
      said it wasn't true.
      I'm not sure why Mallon ok'd the reissues of Restless Stranger and Enginr
      and not the others though,
      maybe Warners put pressure on him at the time.

      As for more AMC shows they are gonna be playing (apparently) at Cafe du
      Nord,SF for a political Fundraiser on Oct 25th and then free at Spaceland in
      LA every Monday in December,then all over the country in the spring.

      Oh,and I run the AMC/Eitzel archive for Mark so if anyone out there has
      anything interesting for the site,like photos,memories of old
      shows,recordings of shows,old flyers,reviews etc. would love to hear from
      see ya Richard

      The American Music Club/Mark Eitzel archive


      >From: Carl Zimring <cz28@...>
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      >Subject: [fearnwhiskey] AMC back catalog (Re: Pitchfork's guide to used
      >Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 12:00:58 -0400
      >--On Thursday, October 2, 2003 4:53 AM -1100 Chris Hill <chillout@...>
      > > Have read that Tom Mallon is the sticking point for further AMC
      > > reissues, but that's second-hand info. Would love a remastered
      > > _California_.
      >Amen to that. I don't know how much of it is Mallon or other red tape --
      >didn't Warner Brothers have _California_ and _United Kingdom_ on their
      >release schedule when they dropped Eitzel in '98? I assumed that dropping
      >him shelved the reissues, which is a shame, but at least they got _Engine_
      >back into print.
      > > And I see _San Francisco_ twice as much in the used bins, and _West_
      > > most of all. Agreed that the article reveals biases, but that's
      > > Pitchfork's slant anyway - snide and provocative.
      >And those are -- in order -- my two least favorite Eitzel recordings.
      >_West_ is pleasant enough, but _San Francisco_ is the disc with atrocious
      >production and the worst arrangements of the band's career.
      > > Chris
      > > np: Downpilot, _Leaving Not Arriving_ - local band, highly
      > > recommended if you dug Sanford Arms' album. Male vox w/ female
      > > harmonies and violin, like a sweet Wilco laid over slow Son Volt
      > > music.
      >Any mp3s out there?
      >Carl Z.
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