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RE: Downpilot (Re: [fearnwhiskey] AMC back catalog)

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  • Dave Purcell
    Mark wrote:
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 2, 2003
      Mark wrote:

      <<I assume you're talking about my homies Two Cow Garage (admittedly a
      dumber name than the one you gave), Dr. Z. Those of you who are so-so on
      their CD might be interested to know that a year's worth of touring has
      made them a live fireball of a band. So catch 'em live if you can, and I
      bet their next CD will be a real corker.>>

      What he said. We played a show with them a couple months back. They're
      amazingly tight and energetic live and they have the early Tupelo thing
      down cold. I suspect they'll learn to grow beyond that and Micah has a
      voice that's perfectly worn and gravelly beyond his years. I hope they
      don't burn out on the road, they have promise.

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