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RE: [fearnwhiskey] upcoming releases ranked!

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  • Jason E Baldwin
    Carl W. wrote:
    Message 1 of 55 , Aug 2, 2002
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      Carl W. wrote:
      < Except for a couple of cuts, I agree about Canadian Amp, but it
      < was really
      < just a hobby project - it didn't even get a full release. I'd be very
      < surprised if Blacklisted didn't carry on or even improve on the high
      < standard of Furnace Room Lullaby, and I think the Burns-Covertino backup
      < should sound great.

      I scored a promo of BLACKLISTED a couple weeks ago, and it reminds me a lot
      of her last few live shows, but with drums. Kinda sleepy/down-tempo, and,
      sad as it is to say, kinda boring. She still has a great voice (and actually
      hits the high notes on the album on a few songs that she struggles with
      live), but I'm a little disappointed, not in that it's not good, because it
      is, but that it's not the album *I* wanted to hear from her. Which is to say
      it's still better than a lot of things I've bought this year so far.

    • jlswedberg
      Yeah, kind of! Of course, I already sold the record back, so I can t listen to it *again* to be sure. --Jamie gosh, that was quick S.
      Message 55 of 55 , Aug 16, 2002
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        Yeah, kind of! Of course, I already sold the record back, so I can't
        listen to it *again* to be sure. <g>

        --Jamie "gosh, that was quick" S.

        --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., Lance Davis <lwdavis1@y...> wrote:
        > Forgot to return to this thread ... for those of you who own the
        > new Flaming Lips album and Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens,
        > you may be surprised to know that David is right. Fight Test
        > shares a very similar melody in the verses to Father and Son.
        > However, I think the Lips take the chorus (not to mention the
        > song as a whole) into much deeper territory. Still ... weird ...
        > Lance
        > >> david_michael_siegel <david_m_siegel@h...>wrote:
        > >> This requires further explanation .... is there a
        > >> particular Cat song you have in mind, because I really
        > >> like that first song (but am not too crazy about Mr.
        > >> Stevens/Islam)?
        > >
        > > Listen to "Fight Test" and Stevens' "Father And Son"
        > > back to back and I think you'll hear it .... David
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