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the lush soundscapes of Sinister Luck Ensemble

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  • Carl Zimring
    I clipped Peter Margasak s review of ex-Pinetop Seven guitarist Charles Kim s Sinister Luck Ensemble s debut CD _Anniversary_ late last week and after finding
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      I clipped Peter Margasak's review of ex-Pinetop Seven guitarist Charles
      Kim's Sinister Luck Ensemble's debut CD _Anniversary_ late last week and
      after finding the disc this weekend, I have to say I'm more enthusiastic
      about it than he is. I'm not sure if Margasak's a fan of soundtracks, but
      Kim's put together a wonderfully lush set of instrumental music that
      wouldn't sound out of place in a Roman Polanski or Sergio Leone film. It's
      not quite spaghetti-western music -- maybe alt.spaghetti-western music with
      a dash of Astor Piazzolla for flavor? Accordions, cellos, clarinets, vibes
      and Kim's array of moody guitars predominate. If you like the soundscapes
      Kim contributed to Pinetop Seven, or similarly cinematic music from Willard
      Grant Conspiracy or Tarnation, you'll want to hear _Anniversary_.

      I also picked up the expanded reissue of Randy Newman's _Good Old Boys_.
      The bonus demo disc _Johnny Cutler's Birthday_ is a real find, featuring a
      stripped down version of his heartbreaking ballads "Marie" and "Louisiana
      1927" and a couple of nuggets ("Shining" and "My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell")
      that I'm amazed have never been released before. The original disc
      preserves Newman's stunning horn and string arrangements in a remastering
      good enough to ensure I'll get the rest of Rhino's Newman remasters as they
      come out. Between the Newman and SLE discs and the discs Jen picked up
      (the soundtrack to _Genghis Blues_ and a compliation of Bollywood film
      music), the CD player has some very cinematic music in rotation this Sunday

      Carl Z.
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