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Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on August 01, 2003

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  • jwmoosefan2001
    Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on August 01, 2003 Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New [Notes] Staple Singers - For What It s Worth -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2003
      Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on August 01, 2003

      Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New

      Staple Singers - For What It's Worth - Version Excursion
      [ The Staple Singers recorded this Buffalo Springfield song on
      Epic in 1967, one year before moving to Stax. "Version Excursion" is
      an interesting compilation of jazz, soul, and funk recordings of
      cover songs. Most of the recordings were from the 60s and early 70s. ]

      Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair - There's A Riot Going On
      [ This is from the third terrific album in a row from Sly & The
      Family Stone during the period of 1969-1971 - Wasn't Sly Stone
      supposed to have a new album released this year? Hard to imagine what
      that will be like. ]

      The 5 Stairsteps - O-O-H Child - Can You Dig This?: The 70s Soul
      [ Great request called in from a listener wanting to hear
      something from this Chicago band - Curtis Mayfield signed this band
      on his Windy City label ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Etta James - I Got You Babe - Tell Mama: The Complete Muscle
      [ Three words - "BUY THIS NOW" ]

      Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Two For The Price Of One - Soul
      Shots: A Collection Of Sixties Soul Classics-Vol 1. Dance Party
      [ This is from the first of eleven volumes of vinyl releases put
      out by Rhino - Later condensed down to four CDs (three of which are
      out of print) which left off some of the songs from the vinyl
      releases - This song is by two men who could never be accused of
      having self-esteem issues ]

      Derek Martin - Daddy Rollin' Stone - Downtown Soulville
      [ Written by Otis Blackwell and later recorded by the Who and
      Phil Alvin. This version is from a really good collection of 60s soul
      songs called "Downtown Soulville" ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Hissyfits - Baby - Letters From Frank
      [ Pop with an edge - I saw this band a couple of years ago at
      SXSW and really liked them - I don't think they've ever played in St.
      Louis. ]

      Bette Serveert - Stephanie Says - Bettie Serveert Plays Venus In
      [ All Velvet Underground covers recorded live in Amsterdam in
      1997 - Some of it works, some of it doesn't. Go get every other
      Bettie Serveert release before this one. ]

      The Bangles - Stealing Rosemary - Doll Revolution*
      [ Finally being released in the U.S. by Koch Records on
      September 23 ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      The Flamin' Groovies - Feel A Whole Lot Better - Uncut Magazine:
      Eight Miles High
      [ Taken from the CD which accompanies the latest issue of Uncut
      magazine - very faithful cover of the Byrds song ]

      Dillard & Clark - Train Leaves Here This Morning - Fantastic
      Expedition of Dillard & Clark
      [ Because one Gene Clark song wasn't enough.... ]

      The Byrds - Mr. Spaceman - Byrds [Box Set]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Billy Swan - I Can Help - The Best Of Billy Swan
      [ If it's good enough for Spencer Marquart's fine "Sound Of
      Music" (10 to midnight on KOPN, 89.5 Columbia) radio show, it's good
      enough for "Memphis To Manchester" ]

      Kasey Chambers - Water In The Fuel - The Captain
      [ Another person who would draw well in St. Louis who's never
      made it here - Wonderful version of one of Fred Eaglesmith's finest
      songs ]

      Neko Case - Tightly - Black Listed
      [ Coming to St. Louis along with the New Pornographers -
      Appearing at Off Broadway on Friday, August 22 ]

      -------- - -------- - --------

      Steve Forbert - It Sure Was Better Back Then - Oxford American
      1997 Southern Music CD

      Another episode of "Memphis To Manchester" falls by the wayside -
      thanks for listening and/or reading the playlist
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