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  • Steve Gardner
    Hi everyone, I m posting this note from sunny California. I ve been here since Saturday morning and I haven t sweat yet. Weird. I was watching the Weather
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2003
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      Hi everyone,

      I'm posting this note from sunny California. I've been here since
      Saturday morning and I haven't sweat yet. Weird. I was watching the
      Weather Channel yesterday and noticed that I was missing some violent
      thunderstorms back home in North Carolina. I miss it already. I'm
      much more of an extreme weather kinda guy, so although 78 and sunny
      with no humidity has its advantages, I certainly wouldn't mind
      something to happen that reminds me how it is to feel alive. Nothing
      interesting appears to be in the forcast, but who knows, maybe a
      little earthquake will shake things up a bit. I can dream.

      The real reason I am writing is to tell you all that we've continued
      to update Clink Magazine on a weekly basis. This week we added a
      terrific article by Rick Cornell and the mix tape that he prepared to
      accompany his recent visit to the hospital to pass a kidney stone.

      Other recent additions include various album reviews from our writers
      as well as a new batch of fresh news from Lindsay Reid. If you, or
      anyone you know, would like to write for Clink, please send me an
      email with an article/review or two. As I've said many times, it
      doesn't even have to be about music. I'm simply interested in
      anything that is interesting and/or entertaining.

      As always check back in with Clink on a weekly basis. Our goal is to
      provide you with a fresh batch of articles each Monday morning.

      Thanks for reading.

      Steve Gardner, Publisher
      Clink Magazine
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