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PLAYLIST: Viva Le Mock 8/1/03

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  • Mock the DJ
    This past week s show featured an in-studio appearance from the band Squirtgun (www.squirtgun.net) WRCT 88.3 fm * Pittsburgh, PA * www.wrct.org Program: Viva
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4 7:54 AM
      This past week's show featured an in-studio appearance from the band
      Squirtgun (www.squirtgun.net)

      WRCT 88.3 fm * Pittsburgh, PA * www.wrct.org
      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 08-01-2003 , 9:00 p.m.
      The Mock: P-Funk

      Artist -- Song (Original Artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Chalk Outline Party -- Switch on Your Marquee Dogs
      Trotsky Icepick -- Venus De Milo (Television)
      Clem Snide -- Action
      [Playing Club Cafe 8/4]

      Julian Cope -- East Easy Rider
      Turn Pale -- Light Melts Away
      The Feelies -- Doin' It Again
      The Few -- Blue Eyes
      The B-Sides -- Megan (Don't Ever Change Megan)
      The Long Winters -- Scared Straight

      Rooney -- Stay Away
      Superdrag -- Sugar
      Clifford Nevernew -- Cura Chroma
      [Another project for Squirtgun's Matt Hart]

      Rattail Grenadier -- Come on Back
      [Mass, Dan & Flav of Squirtgun...pre-Squirtgun]
      Freaks of Nature (F.O.N.) -- Everybody Wants to See Jane
      [Squirtgun's Matt Hart's project...pre-Squirtgun]
      Squirtgun -- Social
      Squirtgun -- Make it Wreck
      [This song features members of: Groovie Ghoulies, Jawbreaker, Anti-Flag &
      Skankin' Pickle]
      Squirtgun -- Burn for You (Acoustic)
      [Kris Roe from The Atari's sings on the studio version of this song]
      Squirtgun -- Model Builder
      Beatnik Termites -- Rock All Night
      [BT recently toured with Squirtgun]

      The Go-Betweens -- Bachelor Kisses*
      Aimee Mann -- Ghost World*
      Matt Pond PA -- Promise the Bite
      [Playing Quiet Storm on 8/6. Playing live on WRCT @ 3:00p on 8/6]
      Alejandro Escovedo -- Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground)
      Alexi Murdoch -- Blue Mind
      [Played Pgh on 7/30. Alexi reminds me a lot like Nick Drake. His Pgh show
      was already booked when he found out Richard Thompson was the same night.
      Somehow he was able to squeeze on THAT bill as well, and play a few songs
      before stopping by a filled Club Cafe for his regularly scheduled show]
      Fruit Bats -- Seaweed
      [Playing the Rex on 8/8]

      (the) Control Group -- Swing Kills Jazz
      [Now known as (the) Control Group (C) because of the dozens of other
      "Control Groups", this local indie-rock band is playing Arsenal Lanes on
      Tabula Rasa -- Are We in Our Nations Capitol?
      [Pgh band with new CD produced by J. Robbins]
      Amazing Transparent Man -- Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler)
      [This CD was produced by Mass Giorgini of Squirtgun]
      The Natural History -- The Right Hand
      Cobra Verde -- Throw It Away

      Helicopter Helicopter -- Talk the Flyer Down
      The Smoking Popes -- Zing Went the Strings of My Heart (Judy Garland)
      [From a posthumously released disc of covers]
      The Posies -- Solar Sister
      Material Issue -- Diane
      Poole -- Supermerica

      The Raybeats -- The Calhoun Surf*
      [Former Raybeat, Danny Amis is now a Los Straitjacket]
      The Hi-Frequencies -- El Dorado
      [Played at the "Rock 'N' Roll Drive-In" on 8/2]
      Z.O.W.I.E. -- Napoleon Complex
      [Played at the "Rock 'N' Roll Drive-In" on 8/2]
      Crimson Ghosts -- Last Caress (Misfits)
      [Crimson Ghosts are a "Surf Instrumental Tribute to the Misfits". They are
      playing the Rex on 8/13]

      THE MOCK: P-Funk
      Eleventh Dream Day -- I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody's Got a
      Thing (Funkadelic)
      Axiom Funk -- Cosmic Slop (Funkadelic)
      The Balancing Act -- Can You Get to That (Funkadelic)
      Fishbone -- The Goose (Parliament)
      Mike Watt -- Ball-Hog or Tugboat -- Maggot Brain (Funkadelic)
      The Clinton Administration -- One Nation Under a Groove (Funkadelic)

      Big Ass Truck -- 9 Bullets (Drive-By Truckers)
      Drive-By Truckers -- Sink Hole
      The Deliberate Strangers -- Heartland
      [Played at the "Rock 'N' Roll Drive-In" on 8/2. Kicking off thier "Outlaw
      Writer's Tour on 8/11 @ The Quiet Storm]
      Violent Femmes -- Country Death Song
      Johnny Cash -- Meet Me in Heaven
      Camper Van Beethoven -- Shut Us Down

      * requests

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