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RE: [fearnwhiskey] You Am I

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  • Dave Purcell
    Steve Gardner wrote:
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 30, 2003
      Steve Gardner wrote:

      <<Welcome to the club, Dave. You Am I are terrific, and the fact that
      they don't even release their albums over here at all anymore is a
      crime. The good news is that you can go to www.whammo.com.au and buy
      their albums direct from Australia and due to the exchange rate it is
      often cheaper than buying your average domestic release at your average

      Dave, you should really pick up the solo album from Tim Rogers (from You
      Am I). It's called "What Rymes With Cars and Girls." It's great. The
      only problem is that it is too short.

      As I just wrote Bill offlist, I haven't fallen for a new-to-me band this
      hard since, I think, Uncle Tupelo (my growing Springsteen & Richard
      Thompson obsessions of the past several years don't count). Yesterday, I
      ordered, despite being criminally broke, Sound As Ever (so I can stop
      playing the video to hear "Berlin Chair"), What Rhymes With Cars &
      Girls, Deliverance, and the Saturday Night live record.

      Meanwhile, I can't get Hourly Daily or #4 Record out of the stereo. I
      needed a new fix, so life is good.

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