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Clink Magazine now online

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  • Steve Gardner
    Hello everyone, The debut issue of Clink Magazine is now online at www.clinkmagazine.com. Clink Magazine grew out of the old Fresh Dirt webzine that had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2003
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      Hello everyone,

      The debut issue of Clink Magazine is now online at www.clinkmagazine.com. Clink Magazine grew out of the old Fresh Dirt webzine that had existed online for a few years. Fresh Dirt was a magazine devoted to twangy music. It was started to accompany Topsoil, my weekly radio show on WXDU.

      I didn't kill off Fresh Dirt because of any problems I had with it, but rather, the twang-o-centric nature of the magazine was something that I eventually found too limiting. If you knew me, this change would be of no surprise to you. I have a relatively short attention span and I'm always looking for something new, musically, to excite me. So, although I still truly love twangy music, it was very hard to not feature some of the great non-twangy fare that is happening out there in the world today.

      As far as the changes go, Clink will expand its focus musically. Twangy music will remain, but it will no longer be the focus. Hell, all the twangy music fans I know have a varied CD collection, that includes everything from Minor Threat to Curtis Mayfield, so I don't think I should refrain from reviewing something of a less rural nature. Somebody out there will appreciate it.

      I've always had an experimentation is better than stagnation policy, so I'll continue to look for writers who can write about music without boring the snot out of me (and remember, I bore easily). We'll probably log in a few misses with our hits, but hopefully Clink will be a place where you can not only read about good music, but read about it in a way that is entertaining.

      The Testify section will remain, as it was always my favorite part of Fresh Dirt. I learned early on that if you could get people to talk about their favorite albums, their passion would come through in their writing. Of course, Testify will now feature people talking about their favorite albums, regardless of the musical style.

      The last big change from Fresh Dirt to Clink is that I will now update the website much more regularly. With Fresh Dirt we were saving up articles and doing a complete overhaul every three months. This was a lot of work and frankly, it shot to hell all my free time every third month. I felt like I was back working in the financial division of a Fortune 500 company at quarter end. Yuck.

      So, check back to Clink on a regular basis. Watch us as we figure out where we fit in the world of online magazine publishing. Let us know what you like and what you don't like. From here on out all bets are off. Anything can happen and I hope it will.

      To sign up on our mailing list to receive notice of our site updates, send a blank message to clinkmagazine-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

      Steve Gardner
      Publisher - Clink Magazine

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