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PLAYLIST: Fear & Whiskey 6/2/03

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  • Carl Abraham Zimring
    Here s the playlist for tonight s episode of Fear & Whiskey, heard from 7-9pm ET on 88.3fm in Pittsburgh and over the internet. Past
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
      Here's the playlist for tonight's episode of Fear & Whiskey, heard from
      7-9pm ET on 88.3fm in Pittsburgh and <http://www.wrct.org> over the
      internet. Past playlists are archived at


      friends of dean martinez / in the wire

      robbie fulks / tears only run one way
      george jones / i heard you crying in your sleep
      gillian welch / look at miss ohio
      richard buckner / a goodbye rye
      [@ Three Rivers Arts Festival 6/7.]

      jenny mae / runaway
      black kali ma / wonderful
      steve wynn / amphetamine
      uncle tupelo / graveyard shift
      animals / don't let me be misunderstood
      [RIP Mickey Most, who produced this track.]

      pernice brothers / the weakest shade of blue
      ed harcourt / ghost writer
      [@ Club Cafe 6/20.]
      tinderticks / say goodbye to the city
      [On first listen, the new _Waiting for the Moon_ sounds like there's a
      Dirty Three influence. This track is one of those great Tindersticks songs
      that simmers and builds in intensity.]
      richard hawley / it's over love
      yo la tengo / today is the day

      silkworm / let's kill saturday night
      nina nastasia / superstar
      [The words "lovely" and "Steve Albini" don't often get used in the same
      sentence, but he recorded this lovely track that Kendra Smith would kill to
      have performed.]
      diana darby / if it feels good
      paul kelly / taught by experts
      [While Kelly's song has a similar chord structure and rhythm to Darby's,
      the lyrical message is a bit different.]
      kimmie rhodes & willie nelson / picture in a frame
      [A fine Tom Waits cover and the title track of their new CD.]

      townes van zandt / black widow blues
      [Early, rockin' Townes from _In the Beginning..._]
      lyme & cybelle / follow me
      long winters / shapes
      [@ Club Cafe 6/18.]
      new pornographers / all for swinging you around
      cinerama / film
      [@ Club Cafe 6/23.]

      mark eitzel / cleopatra jones
      [@ Warhol Museum 6/13.]
      bettie serveert / wide eyed fools
      green / hear what you want to hear
      [The most Beatlesque song in a poppy last hour.]
      go-betweens / caroline and i
      boxing / the seething original

      andrew bird / lull
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