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Topsoil/Haywire Playlist for 5/4/3 on WXDU Durham NC

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  • Steve Gardner
    I will be away on business for the next two Sundays, returning to Topsoil/Haywire on 5/25. For that reason this Album Feature of the Month this month will be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2003
      I will be away on business for the next two Sundays, returning to
      Topsoil/Haywire on 5/25. For that reason this Album Feature of the Month
      this month will be only divided into two shows. So this week I played the
      first half of Lucinda Williams' new album. On the 25th, I'll feature the

      In non-twangy news, this Wednesday brings the Faint, Les Savy Five and
      Schneider TM to the Cat's Cradle. I played a set in the Haywire (non-twangy)
      portion of the show to highlight that concert.

      Oh, and keep an eye on www.clinkmagazine.com. My new magazine will be
      debuted there shortly. In the mean time, read the last/final issue of Fresh
      Dirt www.topsoil.net/freshdirt.

      See ya.
      Steve Gardner


      *Bottle Rockets/Bud Nanney Theme/Bottle Rockets/ESD
      [Topsoil theme song.]

      *Gillian Welch/April the 14th Part 1/Time (The
      [Gillian's new CD should be on its way to radio soon. I
      hear there are some big differences to her past
      material on this album and I'm looking forward to it. In
      the mean time, here's a goodie from her last.]
      *Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott/Walk Beside Me/Real
      Time/Howdy Skies
      *Guy Clark/She Loves to Ride Horses/The Dark/Sugar Hill
      [By request]
      *Richard Buckner/Jewelbomb/Richard Buckner/Overcoat
      *John Prine/Hello in There/Great Days/Rhino
      [I saw him in Greensboro last night. Todd Snider
      opened. The crowd was obnixious, but if I could
      ignore the emptied stomach contents of the guy
      from a few rows back reliving his glory years
      from so long ago, it was a good show.]

      *Haley Bonar/Am I Allowed/The Size of Planets/
      *Uncle Tupelo/Screen Door (Demo)/Left in the Dark
      7"/Columbia Legacy
      [Demo from 1988, pressed on a nifty promo 7"
      single by Columbia to promote their Uncle
      Tupelo reissues.]
      *Cheri Knight/Very Last Time/The Knitter/ESD
      [A Bottle Rockets song.]
      *Tommy Womack/Betty Was Black (& Willie
      Was White)/Washington DC/tommywomack.com
      *Dave Alvin/Amanda/Lonesome, On'ry and Mean:
      A Tribute to Waylon Jennings/Dualtone
      *Utah Phillips/Talking NPR Blues/Media and
      Democracy PSA/Media and Democracy
      *Cory Branan/Skateland South/The Hell You

      Album Feature
      World Without Tears
      (Lost Highway)
      *Fruits Of My Labor
      *Real Live Bleeding Fingers
      and Broken Guitar Strings
      *Those Three Days
      [I think this new CD is a huge improvement over
      her last one. Besides "Atonement", which I
      find really annoying, I liked every track
      from this half. Tune in on May 25th at 1pm
      to hear the rest.]

      *Steve Earle/Valentine's Day/I Feel Alright/E-Squared
      [By request]
      *Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart/Maybe That's Just Me/
      Never Gonna Let You Go/Gearle
      *Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson/Picture In A Frame/
      Picture In A Frame/Sunbird
      [This CD of duets between Kimmie Rhodes and Willie
      Nelson sounds good on first listen. The title track,
      which I played here, is a Tom Waits song. Nice
      *Caitlin Cary/Please Break My Heart/I'm Staying
      Out/Yep Roc

      *Fred Eaglesmith & the Flathead Noodlers/The Building-
      Do You Love Me Now/Balin/AML
      [New CD from Fred, a bluegrass album.]
      *Rhonda Vincent/Walking My Lord Up Calvary's Hill/
      One Step Ahead/Rounder

      [From their new CD.]
      *Buzzcocks/Boredom/Time's Up/Mute
      [From the Spiral Scratch EP (1976). Lead vox by
      Howard Devoto, who left the band soon after,
      and before their first full-length.]
      *Magazine/Rhythm of Cruelty/Secondhand
      Daylight/Virgin Int'l
      [Howard Devoto's post-Buzzcocks band.]
      *El Guapo/The Time: Night/Fake French/Dischord
      [This moved the set from oldschool punk into
      herky jerky electronic music.]
      *Dwayne Sodahberk/Rippin/The Partying Without
      Inhibition or Dignity/Tigerbeat6
      [This one was downright spooky. Dwayne
      makes music that is a mixture of electronic
      and punk, which means it fit right into this
      set nicely. This one was darker than the rest,
      though. Like I said, scary.]
      *Numbers/EE-UH!/EE-UH!/Troubleman Unlimited
      [The new EP from this San Francisco band. The
      first half (where I got this track) was recorded in
      the studio. The second half was recorded at an
      "eviction party" in the Mission district where
      some other local underground SF bands played
      while the crowd of 500 tore the warehouse apart
      with hammers. The mayhem in the music was
      probably a fitting soundtrack....until the tenant
      called the cops on his own party as the whole
      thing got wildly out of control. The Numbers
      wild and full of mayhem themselves, held
      their upbeat spastic, yet extremely controlled,
      music together. Though this is still sure
      to annoy many.]

      *The Faint/Victim Convenience/Blank-Wave
      Arcade/Saddle Creek
      *Les Savy Five/I.C. Timer/ROME/Southern
      *Schneider TM/The Light 3000/6 Peace EP/Mute
      [The previous three bands will be playing
      at the Cradle this Wed night.]
      *COM.A/Make My Day/Shot of Love/Tigerbeat6
      [Com.a (pronounced coma) is Age Yoshida,
      a fellow born in England, raised in Hong Kong
      and Jersey, and currently residing in Tokyo.
      This is IDM with a heart and soul, even if
      it sounds like the heart and soul of a robot. The
      CD combines video games, hip hop,
      electronic and who knows what else. The one
      problem I had with this CD was that I had a hard
      time finding which track NOT to play.]
      *Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Rich/Fever To Tell/Interscope
      [From their much buzzed about full-length.
      Seeing the Interscope tag on this is kinda odd.
      This is the lead off song and it's really terrific.
      I'm still listening to the rest of the CD, but I
      quite like what I hear.]

      *Black Lipstick/Serpentz/Converted Thieves/Peek
      A Boo
      [A Feelies song after this band was a no-brainer.]
      *Feelies/Now I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms/Doin' It
      Again 12"/A&M
      [A cover of a Jonathan Richman song.]
      *Jett Rink/Candypants/Jett Rink/Pox World Empire
      [Local boys release their first recording. Good
      stuff in the vein of Richard Hell and the
      *Sonny Vincent/My Guitar/The Good The Bad
      The Ugly/Acetate
      [Punk guitar-hero guests run amok on this CD
      though this track was just Sonny and his core
      band. Sonny has previously played in Half
      Japanese and just generally hangs out and plays
      with a bunch of talented folk. This CD includes
      Brian James, Thurston Moore, Wayne Kramer
      and a bunch of others. Someone called in
      after I played this one and said they were
      headed straight to the local record store
      to pick this one up.]

      [By request]
      *Dickies/Paranoid/The Incredible Shrinking Dickies/A&M

      Steve Gardner - Topsoil/Haywire - Sun. 12-3pm
      WXDU 88.7FM Durham NC and on the Net at www.wxdu.org
      Fresh Dirt Webzine: www.topsoil.net/freshdirt
      * steve@... **** www.topsoil.net *
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