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Clip: The Fall Plan New LP, Peel Sessions, Book, Tour

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  • Carl Abraham Zimring
    http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/news/03-04/29.shtml#story2 The Fall Plan New LP, Peel Sessions, Book, Tour Operation: Malkmus Revenge swings into full effect Rod
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2003

      The Fall Plan New LP, Peel Sessions, Book, Tour
      Operation: Malkmus Revenge swings into full effect

      Rod Waterman reports:
      It's springtime, so brace yourself for another blossoming of snide-punk
      excitement by "The Mighty Fall," as John Peel is wont to call them. Fresh
      from the firing of yet another bass player, Mark E. Smith is almost ready
      to rumble with both a new album and a tour, including an appearance at
      L.A.'s All Tomorrow's Parties in June. Manchester's finest, now entering
      their 26th year, are set to release their xth album (we've lost count, but
      check out the wonderful and frightening discography on the official Fall
      website), titled Country on the Click, on May 12th in the UK via Action
      Records. Though originally due to be released on April 14th, it was delayed
      because Smith wasn't satisfied with the mix.

      The album was produced by longtime Fall collaborator Grant Showbiz, and
      features twelve tracks, including a cover of Dean Martin's "Houston"--
      although it should be noted that when Mr. Smith gets his hands on a song
      title it tends to get Smithified. Hence, The Fall's version is called
      "Ho(e)uston". Unfortunately, there is no U.S. release date as yet, so you
      might as well just move to London and get it over with. Tracklist:

      01 Theme From Sparta F.C.
      02 Protien Protection
      03 Mountain Energei
      04 Contraflow
      05 Green-Eyed Loco Man
      06 Last Commands Of XYRALOTHEP Via M.E.S.
      07 Boxoctosis
      08 Ho(e)uston
      09 The Past
      10 Recovery Kit
      11 Mike's Love Xexagon
      12 Susan Vs. Youth Club

      Oh, hey, what was that comment we made about that bassist getting fired
      about? Friends, it's a long story, but hell, you've got the time and so do
      we: bassist Jim Watts was due to join The Fall on tour in Turkey recently,
      but he was summarily fired in the pub on the eve of the trip (apparently,
      Jim got the hint when Mark bought everyone else in the band a drink except
      him). The reason for his dismissal was, in total honesty, utterly
      incomprehensible, but according to The Fall's website, it had something to
      do with heavy metal and MI5. Seriously.

      And lest you think this behavior anomalous, you should know that Mr. Smith
      has fired and re-hired many, many, many members of The Fall over the years,
      including his own and now ex-wife, Brix. There have been loud arguments,
      drunken scuffles, and even full-on fisticuffs. Let it never be said that
      Mark E. Smith rules with anything less than an iron (and often completely
      inebriated) hand. No word yet on a permanent replacement for Watts,
      although longtime Fall friend Steve Evets stepped in at the last minute for
      the Turkey show. Evets also took part in last year's Mark E. Smith spoken
      word project, The Post Nearly Man, and contributed to 2000's The

      The rest of the lineup, we think-- and barring any more paranoid
      expulsions-- is more or less as follows: MES (vocals), Ben Pritchard
      (guitar), Dave Milner (drums), Elenor "Mrs. Smith #2" Poulou (keyboards).
      The latest lineup will be showing up, most likely, piss drunk in the
      following 11 North American cities in June and July:

      06-19 San Diego, CA - The Casbah
      06-20 Los Angeles, CA - All Tomorrow's Parties
      06-21 San Francisco, CA - Slims
      06-23 Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
      06-24 Seattle, WA - Graceland
      06-28 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
      07-02 Toronto, ONT - Lee's Palace
      07-06 New York, NY - Knitting Factory
      07-11 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
      07-12 Atlanta, GA - Echo Lounge
      07-17 Dallas, TX - TBA

      Also in the works is Words of Expectation: The BBC Sessions, a two-disc set
      of John Peel radio sessions, due out on Castle Records May 26th. This set
      covers the first seven (that's right, the first seven) sessions, so you can
      bet there are more to come-- especially considering that Peel recently
      broadcast their 23rd (yep) session at the end of March. This thing is, for
      the time, said to be available only on import, though Castle does have a
      U.S. distribution deal with the Sanctuary Records Group, who, if you're
      really, really good this year, may issue it stateside. It'll be expensive
      either way, we're afraid, but totally worth it. The Peel Sessions are
      legendary. Tracklist:

      Session 1:
      Rebellious Juke Box
      Mother Sister
      Industrial Estate
      Futures and Pasts

      Session 2:
      Put Away
      Mess of My
      No Xmas for John Quays
      Like to Blow

      Session 3:
      Container Drivers
      Jawbone And The Air-Rifle
      New Puritan
      New Face In Hell

      Session 4:
      Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul
      Hip Priest
      C'n'C-Hassle Schmuck

      Session 5:
      Deer Park
      Look, Know
      Who Makes The Nazis?

      Session 6:
      Hexen Definitive - Strife Knot
      Eat Y'self Fitter

      Session 7:
      Pat Trip Dispenser
      2 x 4
      Words Of Expectation

      And as though that were not enough Fall news, Helter Skelter Publishing is
      gearing up to release a book entitled A User's Guide to the Fall on June
      1st. The tome will include album-by-album, track-by-track listings of the
      band's entire career to date. The 256-page "biography" of sorts will
      include "references to Smith's own loves and hates, thoughts and opinions,
      taste and talents, the records he loved while he was still growing up, the
      music he hated once he'd grown," while tracking every recording, concert
      and radio session The Fall have put their name on over the past two and a
      half decades.

      .: Pitchfork Review: The Fall: Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology
      .: Helter Skelter Publishing: http://www.skelter.demon.co.uk
      .: Action Records: http://www.action-records.co.uk
      .: The Fall: http://www.visi.com/fall/
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