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PLAYLIST: Viva Le Mock 2/28/03

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  • Mock the DJ
    Due to some confusion, the station was not broadcasting prior to my show, so I came in early and played some long songs until my official 9:00 start time. WRCT
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2003
      Due to some confusion, the station was not broadcasting prior to my show, so
      I came in early and played some long songs until my official 9:00 start

      WRCT 88.3 fm Pittsburgh * www.wrct.org
      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 02-28-2003
      The Mock: X

      The Flaming Lips -- Turn It On
      [Gee, when I shut the station down, I play Camper's "Shut Us Down"...when I
      turn it on, it's this]
      Sparklehorse -- Homecoming Queen
      Spacemen 3 -- Rollercoaster (13th Floor Elevators)
      Palace Of Oranges -- Rind
      ST 37 -- Sweet Thought
      Swervedriver -- Rave Down
      Catherine Wheel -- Black Metallic

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      [Viva Le Mock's theme song]
      Jon Langford & His Sadies -- Drugstore
      The Gazetteers -- Palm Meadows
      The Sames -- Live My Life For Me
      The International Noise Conspiracy -- A Textbook Example

      The Pretenders -- Tattooed Love Boys*
      PJ Harvey -- Rid of Me
      Concrete Blonde -- Run Run Run
      [Playing Pgh on 4/5]
      The Jim Carroll Band -- Catholic Boy
      Minutemen -- Little Man with a Gun in His Hand*
      Rocket From the Tombs -- Final Solution*

      Tripod Jimmie -- Warning to All Strangers
      [Pere Ubu's Tom Herman formed Tripod Jimmie after returning to Erie, PA
      after his exit from Ubu in the late 70s]
      The Generic Beat -- (Don't Drop It On Me)
      [Erie, PA band from the early 80s. Their bass player and Tom Herman played
      together under the monikor of "The Twisters"]
      The Smugglers -- That is Rock 'n' Roll*
      The Archies -- Waldo P. Emerson Jones
      Rock 'N' Roll Dubble Bubble Trading Card Co. of Philadelphia - 19141 --
      Bubble Gum Music

      The Pixies -- Where is my Mind?*
      Longwave -- Day Sleeper
      Radiohead -- Stop Whispering*
      Thalia Zedek -- JJ85
      The Monkees -- Porpoise Song*
      [You play a few bubblegum songs, and the phone starts to ring]

      Nico -- I'm Not Saying
      Ween -- Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)*
      Jimmy Winchell -- Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh)
      Clem Snide -- Better
      [Playing Pgh on 4/27]
      Gladys -- Kat's Song

      Age of Chance -- Kiss* (Prince)
      [Caller requested Prince's "Kiss", I got permission from him to play
      something a little different]
      Borrowed Men -- She's Lost Control (Joy Division)
      Echo and the Bunnymen -- The Cutter
      Adam Ant -- Strip*

      Tegan and Sara -- Want to be Bad
      [Playing Pgh on 3/3]
      Bettie Serveert -- Kid's Allright
      Buck -- (She's In) Another World*
      The Geraldine Fibbers -- California Tuffy
      Elastica -- Generator
      Sleater-Kinney -- Turn it On
      [Damn, i just realized I played 2 songs with the same name in one show]

      Eleventh Dream Day -- Makin' Like a Rug
      The Get Up Kids -- Forgive and Forget
      The Business -- Disco Girls
      The Vibrators -- Disco in Moscow
      Wire -- Mannequin

      Silver Jews -- Trains Across the Sea*
      Dwight Yoakam -- Train in Vain (The Clash)
      Robbie Fulks -- Cry Cry Cry (J. Cash)
      Hank Williams -- Cold, Cold Heart
      John Doe -- This Far
      [Playing Pgh on 3/4]

      THE MOCK: X
      Bim Skala Bim -- In this House (X)
      The Sextants -- Hungry Wolf (X)
      Delta 88 -- Don't Say Maybe
      [I doubt these guys took their name from the X tune, but...oh well]
      Giant Sand -- Johnny Hit and Run Pauline (X)
      The Blacks -- The New World (X)
      [This was an X track before it became a Knitters' tune]
      Blasters -- Little Honey
      [Co-written by John Doe]
      Pennywise -- We're Desperate
      [Exene Cervenka guests on this track]
      Blatz -- Nausea
      Dave Alvin -- Fourth of July

      Auntie Christ -- Bad Trip
      [Exene Cervenka's band]
      Supersnazz -- Johnny
      The Snitches -- Slut Shark
      Thee Michelle Gun Elephant -- Dog Way*
      The Agenda -- Crash! Crash!

      The Connells -- Hats Off
      Brute -- You Got It All Wrong
      Thomas Dolby -- Hyperactive*

      * requests

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