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Topsoil/Haywire Playlist for 3/2/3 on WXDU Durham NC

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  • Steve Gardner
    Hi, Today was really nice. No ice. No snow. No sleet. No sub-freezing temps. No freezing rain. No wind. No hail. No thunder storms. No downed trees. No rain.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003

      Today was really nice.

      No ice.
      No snow.
      No sleet.
      No sub-freezing temps.
      No freezing rain.
      No wind.
      No hail.
      No thunder storms.
      No downed trees.
      No rain.
      No power outtages.

      The next cold front will arrive tonight.

      The music was good, too. I chose a new album of the month for Topsoil. No
      frontrunner was jumping out at me, so I picked my favorite album that I've
      been playing for the last few weeks, Virgil Shaw's "Still Falling". Tune in
      each Sunday in March at 1pm to WXDU to hear a chunk of the record.

      Speaking of favorite records of the year, I have a new one: The Postal
      Service "Give Up"

      See ya.
      Steve Gardner


      *Bottle Rockets/Bud Nanney Theme/Bottle Rockets/ESD
      [Topsoil theme song.]

      *Lucinda Williams/Righteously/World Without Tears/
      Lost Highway
      *Ramsay Midwood/Spinnin' On This Rock/Shoot Out At
      The OK Chinese Restaurant/Vanguard
      *James McMurtry/Out Here In The Middle/Saint Mary of
      the Woods/Sugar Hill

      *Richard Buckner/Lil Wallet Picture/Richard Buckner/
      [Solo material recorded in Jan of 1996, between his first
      and second recordings. Previously unreleased, though many
      of these songs ended up re-recorded for his future albums.]
      *Thalia Zedek/You're A Big Girl Now/You're A Big Girl Now/
      [Her latest EP. Great stuff. A fine Dylan cover for the
      title track.]
      *John Wesley Harding/Bastard's Son/It Happened One Night/
      ["Bob Dylan is my father, Joan Baez is my mother, and I'm
      their bastard son."]
      *Bob Dylan/John Wesley Harding/John Wesley Harding/

      *Cory Branan/Skateland South/The Hell You Say/Madjack
      [A nice song about trying to get the girl. Setting: Roller
      skating rink in (probably) the early 80s.]
      *Dolly Ranchers/Don't Put Her Down You Helped Put Her
      There/Escape Artist/Chaos Kitchen
      [An absolutely terrible band name, but the album
      sounds pretty good. Fans of Freakwater should
      probably give it a listen. This song was
      written by Hazel Dickens.]
      *Freakwater/Little Red Riding Hood/The Bottle Let Me
      *Andre Williams and the Sadies/Pardon Me (I've Got
      Someone To Kill)/Red Dirt/Bloodshot
      [A Johnny Paycheck song.]
      *Sadies/Oak Ridges/Stories Often Told/Yep Roc
      *Jon Langford and the Sadies/Are You An
      Entertainer?/Mayors of the Moon/Bloodshot

      Album Feature
      Still Falling
      (Future Farmer)
      *The Drawing
      *Golden Sun

      *Mark Erelli/Call You Home/Memorial Hall Recordings/
      Signature Sounds
      [House concert at Sun Valley Farm on March 21st. Sign
      up at topsoil-events-subscribe@yahoogroups.com for
      upcoming information. (I'll be sending out information
      for the ticket sale date in the next day or two.]
      *Blood Oranges/Gathering Flowers For the Masters
      Bouquet/The Slaughter Rule/Bloodshot
      [This soundtrack is produced by Jay Farrar.
      This song features Cheri Knight on lead vocals.]
      *Kathleen Edwards/Hockey Skates/Failer/Zoe
      [My favorite lyric: "Do you think your boys
      club will crumble, just because of a loud-mouthed girl?"

      *Kasey Chambers/Changed the Locks/On the Road/
      Warner Bros
      [By request. A Lucinda Williams cover.]
      *Shane MacGowan's Popes/Sick Bed of Cuchulainn/
      Across the Broad Atlantic/Eagle
      [Record live in NYC on New Years Eve.]
      *Supersuckers/Roadworn and Weary/Must've Been
      High/Sub Pop
      *The Sovines/Hi-Ballin' the Jack/Comin' In Loaded/Oahu
      *Willie Nelson/I Gotta Get Drunk/Crazy: The Demo
      Sessions/Sugar Hill
      *Rolling Stones/Waitin' On A Friend/Tattoo You/Rolling
      [By request. Probably the last good song the Stones
      ever did, IMO.]
      *Paul Burch/Monterey/Pan-American Flash/Checkered Past
      *Jerry Lee Lewis/Mean Woman Blues/Live at the Star Club,
      [One of the best and most exciting live albums
      ever. Recorded in 1964 in Hamburg, Germany.]

      *The 45s/My Kinda Girl/Fight Dirty/Yep Roc
      [The Greatest Live Band played in Raleigh
      last night. The 45s are always good!]
      *Eddie and the Hot Rods/Shake/Teenage Depression/
      Captain Oi!
      [The 45s do this Sam Cooke song in the style of
      Eddie and the Hot Rods, so I thought I'd bring
      this one in.]
      *The Thermals/I Know The Pattern/More Parts Per
      Million/Sub Pop
      [Completely rocking new album from these guys.
      If you want to hear some great music that resides
      somewhere in between the recent garage rock
      revival and the noisy punk of Mclusky, you
      should give this a listen.]
      *The D4/Pirate Love/6Twenty/Flying Nun
      [A Johnny Thunders song, by this New
      Zealand band.]

      *Scene Creamers/Bag Inc./I Suck On That Emotion/
      Drag City
      *The Faint/Your Retro Career Melted/Danse Macabre/
      Saddle Creek
      *The Postal Service/This Place Is A Prison/Give Up/
      Sub Pop
      [Feat. Ben from Death Cab for Cutie and Dntel on
      the music/programming side.]
      *Soft Cell/Say Hello, Wave Goodbye/Non-Stop Erotic

      *Syl Johnson/I'm Talkin' 'Bout Freedom/Black and
      Proud: The Soul of the Black Panther Era, Vol 2/Trikont
      *Public Enemy/Rightstarter/Yo! Bum Rush The Show/
      Def Jam
      [Probably one of my favorite Public Enemy songs.]
      *Atmosphere/God Loves Ugly/God Loves Ugly 12"/
      *Sole/Plutonium/Selling Live Water/Anticon
      [Those last two cuts of indie hip hop were really
      incredible. This Sole album is now at the top
      of my To Buy list.]

      *Vic Chesnutt/Band Camp/Silver Lake/New West
      [A song about trying to get the girl. Setting:
      High School marching band camp.]
      *Boxing/Thievery and Girls/Way Down East/Robert
      Barry Construction Associates
      [Fans of Giant Sand and Centro-matic really
      need to make a point to check this record out.]
      Steve Gardner - Topsoil/Haywire - Sun. 12-3pm
      WXDU 88.7FM Durham NC and on the Net at www.wxdu.org
      Fresh Dirt Webzine: www.topsoil.net/freshdirt
      * steve@... **** www.topsoil.net *
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