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Topsoil/Haywire Playlist for 2/2/3 on WXDU Durham NC

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  • Steve Gardner
    Hi everyone, Well, I finally got the new issue of Fresh Dirt out (www.topsoil.net), so that kept me busy this week. Now that that is done, though, I m ready
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2003
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      Hi everyone,

      Well, I finally got the new issue of Fresh Dirt out (www.topsoil.net), so
      that kept me busy this week. Now that that is done, though, I'm ready for
      the next one. But first, I have to head to Folk Alliance in Nashville next
      week. That should be fun, but alas I'll have to miss Topsoil/Haywire for a
      week. I'll be back the following Sunday, though. Mark Johnson will be
      subbing, so you are in good hands.

      Here is this week's playlist. The Americana world seems to be a little slow
      in waking up from its Christmas hibernation this year, but I am really
      starting to enjoy that Kathleen Edwards disc. I made that the Album of the
      Month for February, playing the first third this week. The non-twang world
      has a lot going on, though, and as usual didn't get enough time to cram
      everything I wanted to into the last hour.

      Here's the playlist.

      See ya.
      Steve Gardner


      *Bottle Rockets/Bud Nanney Theme/Bottle Rockets/ESD
      [Topsoil theme song.]

      *Alejandro Escovedo/Velvet Guitar/A Man Under The
      *Mary Gauthier/Sugar Cane/Filth and Fire/Signature Sounds
      *Silos/Don't Talk That Way/The Silos/RCA
      [By request. House concert on 2/8 in Durham. Email
      tickets@... for more information.]

      *Kip Boardman/Upon the Stars/Upon the Stars/Redisculous
      [This guy is from Los Angeles, from what I understand. The
      fine people at Milesofmusic.com tipped me off to him. I just
      am getting familiar with the record, but right off the bat I really
      liked the title track. It reminded me a bit of Thad Cockrell's
      latest material with John Tier.]
      *Tom Waits/So Long I'll See Ya/The Early Years/Bizarre-Straight
      *Tommy Womack/Whatever Happened To Cheetah Chrome?/
      Positively Na Na/Checkered Past
      *Jon Langford and His Sadies/What Makes Johnny Run/Mayors
      of the Moon/Bloodshot
      [Brand new. The Sadies are much loved on WXDU, as are
      the Mekons, so this should do well.]
      *Sadies/Monkey and Cork/Stories Often Told/Yep Roc

      *Michelle Shocked/Shaking Hands-Soldiers Joy/Arkansas
      [Performed with Uncle Tupelo.]
      *Ditch Witch/Walk Away/Everywhere Nowhere/Grass
      *Blasters/So Long Baby Goodbye/Trouble Bound/Hightone
      *Deke Dickerson/You've Been Honky Tonkin'/In Three
      Dimensions/Major Label

      *Peter Wolf/Nothing But The Wheel/Sleepless/Artemis
      [The best Rolling Stones song of the past 20 years
      that isn't a Rolling Stones song.]
      *Whiskeytown/Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart/
      Stranger's Almanac/Output
      [When I first heard Kathleen Edwards I thought she
      sounded like Lucinda Williams. The more I listened,
      though, the more I realized that her record basically
      sounds like Stranger's Almanac, but if you gave
      Ryan Adams a sex change.]

      Album Feature
      *Six O'Clock News
      *One More Song The Radio Won't Like
      *Hockey Skates

      *Mark Erelli/Blue-Eyed Boston Boy/Memorial Hall
      Recordings/Signature Sounds
      [I can't wait to see Mark play at Folk Alliance this week.
      The good news for local folks is that I'm going to have
      him in Durham for a house concert on 3/21. Get on
      my topsoil-events mailing list at www.topsoil.net
      if you want to get this announcement.]
      *Kenny Roby/Wilderness/Rather Not Know/Morebarn
      [I figured what better way to follow a Civil War song
      than with another Civil War song.]
      *Richard Ferreira/Bye Bye Baby/Somewhereville/Miranda
      [I'm throwing a showcase in Nashville on Thursday
      night and Richard was kind enough to join our party.
      I've never seen him play before, but I'm really looking
      forward to it. This is some soulful country.]
      *Beaver Nelson/Sleep (No Rest)/Legends of the Super

      *Mary Lee's Corvette/You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome
      When You Go/Blood on the Tracks/Bar None
      *Bob Dylan/A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall/Live 1975/Columbia
      *Neko Case/Rated X/Making Singles Drinking Doubles/

      *Willie Nelson/Things To Remember/Crazy: The Demo
      Sessions/Sugar Hill
      *Johnny Cash/The Ballad of Ira Hayes/At Madison Square
      Garden/Columbia Legacy
      *Charlie Robison/Desperate Times/Step Right Up/Columbia

      *Mountain Goats/The Best Ever Death Metal Band In
      Denton/All Hail West Texas/Emperor Jones
      [I've had this song stuck in my head all week. Not
      sure if that means I'm going crazy, but I decided to
      kick off Haywire with it.]
      *Boxing/Hey, Laura/Way Down East/Robert Barry
      Construction Associates
      [I'm really liking this CD. It's another one that the
      people at Milesofmusic.com recommended. To
      say it is quirky is putting it lightly. This sounds
      like they took Giant Sand, when they were at
      their quirkiest, and had Wayne from the Flaming
      Lips sing lead. Weird stuff, but I mean that in
      a good way.]
      *Ted Leo/The Ballad of the Sin Eater/Hearts of Oak/Lookout
      [Yay! The new Ted Leo album is here! The new Ted
      Leo album is here!]
      *Small Brown Bike and the Casket Lottery/Under Pressure/
      Small Brown Bike and the Casket Lottery/Second Nature
      [Song #2 that was stuck in my head this week. Earlier
      in the week my alarm went off and this version of this
      Queen/Bowie song was playing. It was the only day
      last week that I woke up instantly. (As opposed to
      this morning when my alarm went off and it was
      insane polka music. Not good for Sunday morn.)]

      *Drive Like Jehu/Here Come The Rome Plows/Yank
      [Reissue of their album from the mid-eighties. By
      the way, this band rocks like crazy, but did you
      know they pulled their name from some obscure
      bible reference? They did. There's some dude
      name Jehu in the bible and apparently his
      chariot driving really sucked...though I'm sure
      they'd explain it a little better than that.]
      *Adolescents/LA Girl/Adolescents/Frontier
      [I needed a dose of good ol' punk rock.]
      *Lemonheads/Amazing Grace/Create Your Friends/Taang!
      [Punk for Sunday. Back before the Lemonheads lost
      their best singer and started the long slide
      towards suck.]
      *The D4/Get Loose/6Twenty/Flying Nun
      [I really enjoyed this. I believe the D4 are from
      New Zealand. They rock like the Stooges on this
      cut. I'm looking forward to catching them at
      SXSW this year.]
      *Gang of Four/At Home He's A Tourist/Entertainment/EMI
      [Hallelujah! I finally got this on CD for a reasonable
      price. My local indie store of choice (Radio Free
      Records in Durham) has some of these for $11.99. They
      are imports and whenever I did see them they were
      always more than 20 bucks. Finally, I've got this
      sucker on CD. Yes. (I also got the Solid Gold
      reissue that combines it with their bad new wave
      album Hard. They put Hard on it first. Is that some sort
      of sick joke?]

      *Luna/Indian Summer/Luna EP/Elektra
      [Luna plays in town tonight. I gave away
      tickets. This is a Beat Happening song. I don't like
      Beat Happening, and don't really think all that much
      of Luna...but this was pretty good.]
      *Replacements/The Ledge/Pleased To Meet Me/Sire
      [A scary song about suicide: "I'm the boy they can't
      ignore/ For the first time in my life I'm sure/ All the
      love they send up high to pledge/ Won't reach the
      ledge." ]
      *Tim Midgett/Young/It Goes Like This/3 Lobed
      [A good follow up to the last one. "If you're gonna
      jump off of a big tall bridge, find someone who'll
      talk you out of it."]
      *The Sights/Be Like Normal/Got What We Want/Fall of Rome
      [Another band I'd like to check out at SXSW. Rock + 60s pop.]
      *Whitefield Brothers/Chokin'/Up From The Vaults, Vol 1/Soul Fire

      *Crash Crew/On The Radio/The Wild Bunch: Story of a
      Sound System/Strut
      [Documents the club sound of Bristol, England in the Mid 80s.
      Check it out if you like oldschool rap.]
      Steve Gardner - Topsoil/Haywire - Sun. 12-3pm
      WXDU 88.7FM Durham NC and on the Net at www.wxdu.org
      Fresh Dirt Webzine: www.topsoil.net/freshdirt
      * steve@... **** www.topsoil.net *
    • Steve Gardner
      This was how Cyrus got sent to the school Where they told him he d never get famous, And this was why Jeff, in the letters he d write to his friend, Helped
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 4, 2003
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        "This was how Cyrus got sent to the school
        Where they told him he'd never get famous,
        And this was why Jeff, in the letters he'd write to his friend,
        Helped develop a plan to get even.
        When you punish a person for dreaming his dream,
        Don't expect him to thank or forgive you;
        The best-ever death metal band out of Denton
        Will in time both outpace and outlive you.
        ... Hail Satan! Hail, hail!"

        hell yeah. now that's poetry.

        hail satan,
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