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Re: Rank and File news

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  • ahacksaw1 <ahacksaw@earthlink.net>
    ... could ... is ... I agree, Sundown is their only consistent album, and that s the one I m excited about having on CD. Maybe I ll find that it doesn t hold
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 2, 2003
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      --- In fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff J <jeffj@b...>"
      <jeffj@b...> wrote:
      > R&F hasn't aged too well for me either. Of course, Sundown is,
      > in my opinion, their only release of any musical value and it
      > would be a good thing if that horrid self-titled Rhino record
      > be erased from the roots rock timeline. Interesting that Rhino
      > the one putting this out. Heh.

      I agree, Sundown is their only consistent album, and that's the
      one I'm excited about having on CD. Maybe I'll find that it doesn't
      hold up for me, either, but I dunno--I remember those songs
      pretty clearly, and they still sound great in my memory.
      > There's also a Dils retrospective on Dionysus Records. Too
      > many badly recorded live tracks for me

      That's kind of what I figured, which is why I've avoided picking it
      up. I was a Dils fan, but I'm not sure how well their stuff will hold
      up 25 years later.

      > I got the same feeling from what I heard and those
      > Homer Simpson-ish cowboy hats didn't help. <g> But I keep on
      > hearing good things so I'd like to check out their new release. I
      > gotta say that Cowboy Nation is better than Blackbird.
      Their first record didn't do anything for me. But I heard a few clips
      from their most recent release and liked them well enough to
      order it (it was dirt cheap on Half.com), though I've learned that
      you really can't tell much about a record from those 30-second
      clips, no matter how many you listen to. I'll report back when I get
      the record.
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