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  • czimring
    ... low yo yo ... promo ... The last time I saw one of those, Reagan was president. I hesitate to ask how much he s asking for it. ... of there ... and say
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 2, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "Shayne Jordan" <asjordan@b...> wrote:
      > Are you kidding me?! There's a little record store in town called
      low yo yo
      > stuff. the guy who owns it is a EC whore. He's got an Oliver's Army
      > military issue parka and a box of Cadbury's chocolate for Blood and
      > Chocolate.

      The last time I saw one of those, Reagan was president. I hesitate to
      ask how much he's asking for it.

      > He's got so many weird bootlegs and imports etc, They actually
      > keep a box with my name on it under the counter, so I can't get out
      of there
      > without dropping a huge load of cash. The worst part is I can go in
      and say
      > "Gee thanks guys for holding onto these for me but I'd really just
      like to
      > buy this *insert CD or artist*, I really don't need anymore Elvis stuff
      > right now. Then I get an "ok ok, but just listen to this version of
      > the Bottle Let Me Down" from Memphis in 92". And of course it's
      always the
      > *BEST* version of whatever song he happens to play. And the bastard
      > can tell just what song will get me everytime I walk in there. I
      hate those
      > guys. I really do.

      Dangerous. The kind of place I cannot afford to go into right now,
      for money and space reasons.

      > That demo CD was recorded in 1975. I'll make you a copy if you want
      it. It's
      > not like he's getting any money for it...

      You got yerself a deal, ma'am. I'm at 6805 Penn Ave. #4, Pittsburgh,
      PA 15208. It's the building with the anticipatory drool around the

      > shayne
      > professional music whore

      It's good to get paid for it...

      still waiting for the Possibilities disc to show up in Pittsburgh
      stores and/or the station

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