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Re: Clip: The Ratt Trap

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  • Jeff J <jeffj@blast.net>
    I haven t been following this thread (it ll give me something to read tomorrow on New Year s Day ), but the Chuck Eddy style/new snarky (as far as I
    Message 1 of 37 , Dec 31, 2002
      I haven't been following this thread (it'll give me something to
      read tomorrow on New Year's Day <g>), but the "Chuck Eddy
      style/new snarky" (as far as I understand it from glancing at
      some posts here) is familiar to those of us who read (or tried to
      read them) punk/indie fanzines during the 70's and 80's. And as
      far as Eddy and heavy metal, has anybody mentioned his
      godawful (IMO) book, Stairway To Hell? Here's a review from the
      Onion AV Club:

      Stairway To Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums In The
      Any list that attempts to define some sort of cultural canon, be it
      AFI's "100 Greatest American Movies" or the Modern Library's
      "100 Greatest English-Language Novels," is bound to inspire
      contention. Some lists, in fact, are simply meant to spark debate
      and foster discussion through intentionally controversial
      inclusions and omissions. But Chuck Eddy's hilarious, wickedly
      malicious book Stairway To Hell is so obviously goofy that it's
      just as likely to incite laughing fits as fist-fights. Eddy is a rock
      critic firmly in the vein of Robert Christgau, and his occasionally
      incomprehensible wordplay and cute alliterations sometimes
      get the better of him. But this new edition of his 1991 book, with
      an updated list of the "100 Best Heavy Metal Albums Of The '90s"
      is essential for any metalhead smart enough to realize the sheer
      inanity of his or her chosen genre. What makes Stairway To Hell
      such argument fodder is Eddy's extremely broad definition of
      heavy metal, which includes such dubiously metal acts as
      Funkadelic, Sonic Youth, Miles Davis, Cheap Trick, Hüsker Dü,
      Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, and just about any other remotely
      "loud-guitar" group. Of course, Eddy includes such obvious
      metal bands as Metallica and Slayer, but readers may be
      surprised how low they're ranked. Eddy is shameless in
      compiling his list: Headbangers without a sense of humor may
      scoff at the number of entries allotted to poodle-rockers like
      Poison, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, and Kix—which lands three
      albums in the top 50—let alone the author's earnest, but not
      serious, tone. What makes Eddy so much fun is his insistence
      on egalitarian review: To Eddy, Led Zeppelin, The Stooges, Last
      Exit, and Run D.M.C. are all to be judged by the same
      wonderfully vague standards, which he admittedly has trouble
      illustrating in the foreword. So don't look for any logic behind
      Eddy's decision to rank Teena Marie and The Jimmy Castor
      Bunch well over, say, Master Of Puppets. Or Eddy's decision to
      claim Rancid's Let's Go as the Numero Uno of this decade, over
      the far more obvious Nevermind. Or even Eddy's decision to
      define both Rancid and Nirvana as metal at all. Just drop on your
      favorite Sabbath platter (his is Sabotage), kick up your feet, and
      let the battle of wills begin. —Joshua Klein

      --- In fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com, "Barry Mazor
      <brmaz@e...>" <brmaz@e...> wrote:
      > Really, what;s now thought of as the Chuck Eddy style
      "everything is
      > pretentious but the Flamboyantly Dumb Stuff I will now defend"
      > (and it IS a schtick--or by this point, almost a sort of personal
      > branding) is getting old.
    • Bill Silvers <wfsilvers@yahoo.com>
      ... Blame The Libertines and The Dishes on me, FWIW. The Libertines are my newest bestest buddies, and I ll be interested in hearing what you (and Deborah)
      Message 37 of 37 , Dec 31, 2002
        > Lisa, excited about a stack of new cdr's that I just got from Bill
        > Silvers and Chris Hill: The Dishes, The Libertines, Joesph Arthur,
        > Hot Hot Heat. Thanks!!!!!!

        Blame The Libertines and The Dishes on me, FWIW. The Libertines are my
        newest bestest buddies, and I'll be interested in hearing what you
        (and Deborah) think of 'em.

        b.s., chagrined to realize that he's spent a lot of time paying
        attention to the thoughts of a population that's 99% assholes <g>
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