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  • Kathleen Loebig
    For those who are interested, here s the playlist from the show I did this morning at WRCT. I somehow managed to remember how to work the new airboard and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2002
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      For those who are interested, here's the playlist from the show I did this morning at WRCT. I somehow managed to remember how to work the new airboard and the cart machine with a wicked hangover at 8:30 am and do a show. Unfortunately, no planning, homecoming songs or otherwise pre-thought-out show plans were carried through. Maybe next Christmas!

      Derek Bailey - with Roger Turne - Duos London
      McClusky - To Hell w/Good Intentions - McC Do Dallas
      Nation of Ulysses - Spectrasonic Sound - Dischord 20th box
      Lifter Puller - Viceburgh - Soft Rock
      The Quails - Riding the 5 - Atmosphere
      Matt Pond PA - the party - Nature of Maps

      Jesse Sykes - Your Side Now - Reckless Burning
      Rock*A*Teens - In the woods of Hemlock Park - Golden Time
      Calla - Mother Sky - Walkmen/Calla split EP
      Sovines - Mr. Friday Night - Stupefyin' Jones
      The SLits - Newtown - In the Beginning
      My Bloody Valentine - When you Sleep - Loveless
      Q and not U - When the Lines Go Down - Different Damage

      Sea and Cake - T/T - the Biz
      Medeski Martin & Wood - Start Stop - Combustikation*
      Come - Secret Number - Near Life Experience
      Monorchid - Controversial Trousers - Let them Eat...
      Seam - Sometimes I Forget - Are You Driving Me Crazy?
      Rye Coalition - Whole Lotta Rosie (these guys RAWK)
      Rondelles - Boy I know - the Fox

      Unrest - Click Click - Kustom Karnal Blaxploitation
      the Monks - Boys are Boys - Five Upstart Americans
      Melt Banana - Monkey Man - 7"
      Yeah Yeah Yeah - Our Time - S/T EP
      Bobby Conn - No Kids No Money - S/T
      The Ex - Time Flies - Dizzy Spells*

      Cobra Verde - Chinese Radiation - Egomania
      Soft Boys - Mr. Kennedy - Nextdoorland
      (I have a thing for songs that mention Pittsburgh)
      The Wedding Present - Take Me - Bizarro
      (I also have a thing for songs that namecheck other bands<g>)
      The Seconds - Say Hey - Y

      Erase Errata - Billy Mummy - Other Animals
      Gang of Four - Damaged Goods - Entertainment
      Wire - Comet - Read & Burn 01

      Mission of Burma - This is Not a Photograph - MoB
      Dog Faced Hermans - Human Spark - Those Deep Buds
      Half Japanese - Firecracker Firecracker - Sing No Evil
      Liars - Pillows were... - Fins to Make us more fish-like
      Taking Pictures - Autumn Song - Live @ WRCT
      Bellini - Conflict b/t Fire and Wet Wood - Snowing Sun

      Silkworm - Is She a Sign - Italian Platinum
      Consonant - the Kiss - S/T
      Mekons - Hate is the New Love - OOOH
      Karl Hendricks Trio - You're a Bigger Jerk than Me - Miser & Women (2night @ the Rex!)
      Hot Hot Heat - Get in or Get Out - Make Up the Breakdown
      Dismemberment Plan - Following Through - Change
      Bloodhag - Alfred Bester - Necrphilic Bibliophilia

      The Oranges Band - I'm Still Right - On TV
      Le Nombre - Souris - S/T
      Radio 4 - Boy Meets Girl - the New Song and Dance
      Rapture - Modern Romance - Out of the Race & onto the track

      Big Star - Thirteen - #1

      ~~there were others there that night, who would have said, if asked, that opera was a collection of nosensical cat screechings, that they would much rather pass three hours in a dentist's chair. These were the ones who wept openly now, the ones who had been so mistaken.~~

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