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Re: The Onion's least essential albums of 2002

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  • Nina Melechen <melechen@earthlink.net>
    ... at ... common ... of ... Ah, the Mick Jagger Syndrome. ... part of ... was ... Scuse me, but the controversy at Harvard was almost entirely to do with
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 27, 2002
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      --- In fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com, "Wilson, Carl" <cwilson@g...>
      > >has the society that creates the need for the phrase
      > > "a poor record by a good academic" gone totally to hell, or is it
      > > the threshold of an explosion of creativity?
      > Don't worry, Nina. It's just an inversion of a situation that's been
      > for decades now - good records by poor academics, who then drop out
      > college and become rock stars....

      Ah, the Mick Jagger Syndrome.

      > You needn't go all T.S. on society's ass
      > until the academy starts counting albums as publications, which is
      part of
      > what the controversy at Harvard over West's CD was about - that he
      > rappin' instead of writin'.

      'Scuse me, but the controversy at Harvard was almost entirely to do
      with West looking for a way to leave and go where he could make more
      money without appearing to be a vulgar money-grubber. I speak here as
      a fan of his writing, and even of his desire to use popular music as a
      vehicle of communication of scholarly ideas, but as far as I'm
      concerned he manufactured the entire brouhaha. OTOH, that makes him
      not just an academic, and not just a musical artist, but a free-agent
      athlete as well--a true Renaissance Man.

      Nina M.
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