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Fwd: Perfect Sound Forever- January/February 2003 edition

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  • Dan Rigney
    Hi gang: This is favorite e-zine I thought some folks here might enjoy. Some of you may already be aware of this cool little resource. Be well, Dan Rigney ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2002
      Hi gang:

      This is favorite e-zine I thought some folks here
      might enjoy. Some of you may already be aware of this
      cool little resource.

      Be well,

      Dan Rigney

      --- Perfect Sound Forever <perfect-sound@...>
      > Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 23:50:00 -0500
      > To: perfect-sound@...
      > From: Perfect Sound Forever
      > <perfect-sound@...>
      > Subject: Perfect Sound Forever- January/February
      > 2003 edition
      > Hi all,
      > Another year has passed us by and another two months
      > have just gone by
      > since the last time we said howdy so...
      > In the latest edition of Perfect Sound Forever
      > online music magazine
      > <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com>, you'll find:
      > Set free to find new illusions: after the break-up
      > of the Velvet
      > Underground, how did two of its principles face down
      > the '70's? Each took
      > a long strange trip. Plus as an added attraction,
      > an overall look at
      > Cale's solo career.
      > Sensitive feminist rock- part of the emerging
      > 'Brighton scene'? Steve
      > Albini recorded? Le Tigre tourmates? Surely that's
      > enough to pique your
      > interest, right?
      > Hair Metal today and always: after living in shame
      > for years as a fan, Marc
      > Horton finds that he can finally admit his love for
      > '80's metal thanks to a
      > new book (no therapy required).
      > HOT HOT HEAT
      > Victoria's best kept secret: hopefully no longer.
      > Their yelping vocals,
      > cheesy keyboards and pushy tempos recall the best
      > new wave band you
      > couldn't get out of your head. Now, instead of
      > wasting your time
      > worshipping oldsters who play far-flung bars in the
      > middle of nowhere, you
      > can worship these up-and-comers playing the same
      > music better.
      > Elvis' true progeny? What's the connection between
      > these two late,
      > cutting-edge comedians and the King? Jesse Jarnow
      > explains.
      > Another victim of the me-decade: Don't blame Miles
      > for giving fusion a bad
      > name. Some of his own crew did the job themselves
      > but before it was
      > synonymous with 'crap,' there was actually such a
      > thing as GOOD and even
      > great jazz-rock.
      > A look back through their urine: "The Pixies, Husker
      > Du, and Smashing
      > Pumpkins were significant bands, but only in the
      > context of being
      > tremendously creative and original pop music. The
      > Lizard is interesting
      > because all these bands spent the late eighties and
      > or early nineties
      > receiving critical praise but JL was not interested
      > in making pop or rock
      > music in any recognizable form."
      > Not oxymoronic at all- really. Why should swing
      > bands have all the fun and
      > all the personnel? Michael Mantler, Manfred Schoof
      > and William Parker
      > assemble big ensembles against the odds.
      > OUTSIGHT
      > News and reviews: Suicide, jump blues, Nick Cave,
      > Humphrey Bogart, Peter
      > Gabriel, Amon Tobin, DOA, Arto Lindsay, The
      > Residents, Marky Ramone and more...
      > What happened to the chanteuse? Is there no place
      > in the hearts and minds
      > of a pop audience today for a singer whose idea of
      > pop is George Gershwin
      > and Cole Porter? Even with boosters like Marc Ribot
      > and Vernon Reid and
      > James Carter?
      > Name that (non-metal) tune: proving again that a
      > punny name with loads of
      > connotations usually gets attached to a
      > trash-metal/art-rock band.
      > JOE STRUMMER, R.I.P.
      > With the passing of the Clash shouter, we present an
      > interview from 1999
      > where he shares his thoughts on Tony Bennett, South
      > Park, his mountain goat
      > hammock, his life as a walnut, how to properly
      > threaten record companies,
      > good punk manners and dollar-bill politics. He even
      > picks some of his
      > favorite music.
      > 2002: Year of Triumph! Fifth Annual Vinyl
      > Anachronist Awards and why the
      > CD format may be doomed.
      > She loves you: the inspirational tale of quirky,
      > moving singer who's
      > overcome MS and general apathy of a sadly ignorant
      > mass audience. She gets
      > by with a little of help from her many (famous)
      > friends.
      > His delicious world: Toronto boy makes good with his
      > weird love songs and
      > fictions, helping to actually give
      > 'singer/songwriter' a good name.
      > We also have the staff picks for the best music of
      > 2002, including a
      > ridiculously exhaustive list from yours truly.
      > Also, if you have time, you
      > might want to see my favorite
      > articles/scribings/eulogies of 2002 at the
      > exemplary rockcritics.com site:
      > Slappy holidays to you. I'll probably be offline
      > for the rest of the month
      > so I'll see you online after the New Year...
      > Best,
      > Jason

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