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Re: favorites of 2002?

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  • czimring
    ... This is a good un, though not a match for his amazing Gene Simmons rant in St. Louis. I do hope that was taped.... ... Mine was New Zealand
    Message 1 of 39 , Jul 1, 2002
      --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "wfsilvers" <wfsilvers@y...> wrote:
      > Tommy Womack STUBBORN

      This is a good'un, though not a match for his amazing Gene Simmons
      rant in St. Louis. I do hope that was taped....

      > I've caught up on records I didn't give
      > enough time to last year a fair amount (there's an idea for a thread -
      > what's your favorite record you didn't hear enough of last year?),

      Mine was New Zealand pianist/guitarist/percussionist Peter Jefferies's
      _Closed Circuit_, which I liked so much I cheated and put on this
      year's list. Jefferies sounds a lot like John Cale in Cale's stately
      piano arpeggio mode (think Cale's version of Leonard Cohen's
      "Hallelujah" with a slightly gruffer voice), and the writing on this
      album (particularly the second half) is as warm and accessible as
      anything in his long career. (I also recommened his instrumental
      album _At Swim 2 Birds_ done with violist Jono Lonie.)

      > and
      > I've tried to catch up with the past I never had. The second reissue
      > of Elvis Costello's records (this time on Rhino) has had me pulling
      > those records out of the stacks. Has anybody else had trouble deciding
      > whether or not to buy the same records for the third time? I might
      > pick up THIS YEAR'S MODEL again, anyway, just because. <g>

      This may be a dangerous question, Bill, but is there much you
      recommend off the Rhino version than an owner of the Ryko version and
      _Out of Our Idiot_ wouldn't already own? I'm probably going to get
      _Armed Forces_ one of these days for the Hollywood High tracks.

      Carl Z.
    • czimring
      ... Careful, Bill. Voices carry. Carl Ziee.
      Message 39 of 39 , Jul 2, 2002
        --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "wfsilvers" <wfsilvers@y...> wrote:
        > --- In fearnwhiskey@y..., "czimring" <cz28@a...> wrote:
        > > under the microscope,
        > > Carl Z.
        > Or at least, the other end of the telescope. <g>

        Careful, Bill. Voices carry.

        Carl Ziee.
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