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Fw: Treasure State record release!+ show w/ Joel RL Phelps!!+tour!!!

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  • Steve Gardner
    Hot dog, they are coming to my town (well, the town near my town)... ... From: Tim Cook To: timcook@moneyshotrecs.com Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 3:26 AM
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      Hot dog, they are coming to my town (well, the town near my town)...

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      From: Tim Cook
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      Sent: Friday, June 28, 2002 3:26 AM
      Subject: Treasure State record release!+ show w/ Joel RL Phelps!!+tour!!!

      My Dear Friends,*

      Something you might want to know about:

      Treasure State record release show

      With a special set by Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio

      Friday Night

      July 5th, 2002

      I-Spy Nightclub, Seattle, WA

      This is marking the release of Retain the Risk, Treasure State's debut. I really couldn't be more proud of this wonderful recording. As you might already know, Treasure State is the new group assembled by Robert Mercer, guitarist in Joel RL Phelps' Downer Trio. You may notice an instrumental similarity between the two groups for that reason. Joel RL Phelps and the Downer Trio will be playing for the first time in over a year (since opening for Television last June, I think) at the show, and it could be a similar length of time until they play again. The Downers will be playing dual telecasters at this show, so you can go ahead and get excited like me. Additionally, I promise to not get on stage with the group and sing Wire's "Reuters" ever again, after the fiasco at the Experience Music Project last month (I apologize to everyone who saw/heard that). Seattle's Popstar Assassins will be opening the show, and they're not bad at all, pretty good in fact. See you there?

      There is more poop on the Retain the Risk, including some of the music, and precious little else at my webpage: http://www.moneyshotrecs.com Or, you are certainly welcome to email me at timcook@..., if you have questions.

      A week later, the group begins a tour of the Southern, Southeastern and Eastern portions of the USA with the extra-popular music band The Shins.

      Shins / Treasure State tour dates:

      7-12 FRI: Rubber Gloves, Denton TX (All Ages)

      7-13 SAT: Stubbs Bar BQ, Austin TX

      7-15 MON: Slow Bar Nashville, TN

      7-16 TUES: Tasty World Athens, GA

      7-17 WEDNES: Echo Lounge, The Atlanta GA

      7-18 THURS: Kings, Raleigh NC

      7-19 FRI: Trocadero, Philadelphia PA (All Ages)

      7-22 MON: Maxwells, Hoboken NJ (All Ages)

      7-23 TUES: T.T.The Bear, Cambridge MA

      7-24 WEDNES: Pearl Street, Northampton, MA (All Ages)

      I think a Chicago show sans Shins has been added on the 25th or 26th. Check your local listings.

      If you're able you should definitely attend, and I know the group would most certainly appreciate yr kind patronage. You will be rewarded with the uncommon occurrence of good music.

      Best Wishes,


      Tim Cook


      Seattle, WA

      *As per usual, if you do not count yourself as my friend please let me know, I will not take it personally; in fact I like keeping track of this data so as to avoid send an infrequent email like this to a person such as yourself who might not want it. So, then, please reply with "remove" or "no more" in the subj line or body and that'll be that. Honest Abe. Thanks.

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