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Dylan (re)issue news from ICE

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  • Carl Zimring
    The new ICE is on newsracks and online -- I ll post selections from their release schedules in a minute. The current issue has a feature on Bob Dylan s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2002
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      The new ICE is on newsracks and online -- I'll post selections from their
      release schedules in a minute. The current issue has a feature on Bob
      Dylan's authorized bootleg series, and the story below is an update on it
      from their website.

      Carl Z.



      In the current issue of ICE, we have a story on Bob Dylan's new, upcoming
      release in his archival Bootleg Series, drawn from his 1975 Rolling Thunder
      Revue tour (and due in stores November 26). We also point out that Dylan
      and Columbia/Sony Legacy have been very slow in putting out Bootleg Series
      releases, with only two issued in the last 10 years (and Rolling Thunder
      being the third). Then we say that it?s promised the pace will pick up
      significantly in the near future.

      Well, Sony has now committed itself in print, although, of course, there
      are no guarantees in life. In the press materials sent out with advance CDs
      (only to the media) of the new Rolling Thunder release, there's a couple of
      enticing sentences buried near the end: "Sony will soon be releasing more
      music from the vaults in the Bootleg Series. Look for the complete 1964
      Philharmonic Hall concert in 2003."

      For Dylan fans and music historians, this has to be considered good news on
      a number of levels. Firstly, it's encouraging that Sony and Dylan are
      promising to pick up the pace with another Bootleg Series release only one
      year after the previous one (Rolling Thunder). It's also encouraging
      because Dylan?s 1964 Philharmonic Hall concert is one of the most
      compelling acoustic shows ever performed in his early years.

      The concert took place on Halloween Night, October 31, 1964, and simply
      put, Dylan was in a great mood. He was lively, funny, animated, and most
      importantly, into most of the songs that night. The show has been
      bootlegged in fairly good quality, but we've already found out from
      previous Bootleg Series releases (including the new Rolling Thunder) that
      what we once thought was "great quality" frequently pales in comparison
      when an official release comes out. Although several soundboard bootlegs
      exist of mid-'70s Rolling Thunder shows, the sound quality of the new
      two-CD set is flooring those who've heard it so far.

      So if Sony keeps its word, fans can look forward to a supreme early Dylan
      concert that consisted of, in order:

      "The Times They Are A-Changin'," the only known live performance of
      "Spanish Harlem Incident," "Talkin? John Birch Paranoid Blues," "To
      Ramona," "Who Killed Davey Moore?" "Gates of Eden," "If You Gotta Go, Go
      Now," "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)," "I Don?t Believe You," "Mr.
      Tambourine Man" and "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall." (At the time, songs like
      "It's Alright, Ma" and "Tambourine Man" were brand new to audiences.)

      After intermission, Dylan returned with "Talking World War III Blues,"
      "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," "The Lonesome Death of Hattie
      Carroll," and then is joined by reigning folk queen Joan Baez for a duet on
      "Mama, You Been on My Mind," a solo vocal by Baez on the traditional
      "Silver Dagger" (with Dylan on guitar and harmonica), then duets again on
      "With God on Our Side" and "It Ain't Me, Babe," and then Dylan finishes the
      concert alone with "All I Really Want to Do."
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