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Re: [fearnwhiskey] Re: Soft Boys

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  • Carl Zimring
    --On Tuesday, October 1, 2002 1:59 PM +0000 samchecker ... See, _Rout of the Clones_ rocks, and allows me to to hear the fine live work without dealing with
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 1, 2002
      --On Tuesday, October 1, 2002 1:59 PM +0000 samchecker
      <oneriot@...> wrote:

      > That sound you hear from the west, Carl, is me gnashing my teeth and
      > muttering about your comments on A Can of Bees. I suppose I should
      > cut you some slack, because you're no doubt under the impression that
      > there's one version of that record when in fact there are *three*,
      > each with significant substitutions. Saying that the production is
      > sterile and the arrangements overly fussy ignores the fact that each
      > of these versions includes some kick-ass live cuts, most of which are
      > now available on Rout of the Clones, which is the entire Lady Mitchell
      > Hall show plus a few other thingies (I got my copy from Miles of
      > Music).

      See, _Rout of the Clones_ rocks, and allows me to to hear the fine live
      work without dealing with the studio tracks. Really, it takes some effort
      to make "Sandra's Having Her Brain Out" sound dull. (I do like the "Cold
      Turkey" cover.) The reason there are three versions of the record out is
      the band spent so much damn time in the studio, though apparently not as
      much as on their aborted Radar record that Hitchcock's barred from release.

      > And what can I say about your position on Andy Metcalfe except you're
      > as wrong as a wrong guy in a wrong-o-mat. Well, I guess I can't really
      > support that, but I sure do disagree with you. Good god, "The
      > Pigworker" alone ought to make you hang your head in shame for
      > disparaging the guy, and I maintain that the Egyptians would have been
      > stillborn were it not for him (I saw a show that he skipped out on in
      > NYC, right before Fegmania was released, that bears my position out).

      He's a masterful bassist, and in the trio format his melodic lines are the
      leads. (You can really hear this on _Respect_ and _Element of Light_.) My
      problem with Metcalfe isn't Metcalfe, but Hitchcock. He starts delving
      into complicated arrangements that don't always suit the songs. Seligman,
      on the other hand, manages to keep Hitchcock on the poppy side. I wish the
      _Underwater Moonlight_ band had stayed together a while longer; they kind
      of did on _Black Snake Diamond Role_.

      > I'm not going to argue with you about A Globe of Frogs, though. It is
      > better than Queen Elvis, at least.

      I can listen to _Queen Elvis_, mostly because of the guitar sound. _Globe
      of Frogs_ sounds like a parody of Hitchcock's "wacky" side.

      >> Mark, I'da thought that you'd like some of the heavier material on
      > _Moss
      >> Elixir_...."I am Not Me" in particular.
      > Oh cripes, are you going to make me blow the dust off that CD and try
      > to listen to it again? Maybe I should also have Storefront Hitchcock
      > playing on the TV while I count fibers in the carpet to make time
      > really grind to a halt.

      And don't forget _Eye_! What's funny about Hitchcock is his catalog is so
      diverse that Mark & I can both like a lot of it while agreeing on very

      Carl Z.
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