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PLAYLIST: Fear & Whiskey 9/2/02

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  • Carl Zimring
    Here s the playlist for tonight s Labor Day episode of Fear & Whiskey, heard from 6-9pm ET on 88.3fm in Pittsburgh and over the internet.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2002
      Here's the playlist for tonight's Labor Day episode of Fear & Whiskey, heard
      from 6-9pm ET on 88.3fm in Pittsburgh and <http://www.wrct.org> over the
      internet. (The show's usually from 7-9pm, but I had an extra hour this
      week.) Past playlists are archived at

      Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. Even with the extra hour, I still
      couldn't get to them all.


      lionel hampton / flying home
      lionel hampton / stardust

      elvis costello / welcome to the working week
      [@ A.J. Palumbo Center 10/19.]
      jello biafra & d.o.a. / we gotta get out of this place
      merle haggard / workin' man blues
      blasters / common man
      twangbangers / truck drivin' man

      shiners / plowman's song
      osborne brothers / workin' man blues
      odetta / pastures of plenty
      chris brokaw / the fields

      r.e.m. / finest worksong
      waco brothers / plenty tough - union made
      silkworm / slave wages
      texas rubies / blue diamond mine
      uncle george jones / look what the union done
      [From a great Rounder/Library of Congress anthology entitled _Songs and
      Ballads of the Bituminous Miners_.]

      hazel dickens & alice gerrard / mining camp blues
      deliberate strangers / anthracite
      bob dylan / maggie's farm
      paul kelly / forty miles to saturday night
      kelly willis / you can't take it with you

      freakwater / waitress song
      uncle tupelo / factory belt
      drive-by truckers / life in the factory
      [@ Farm Aid, 9/21.]
      oneida / hard workin' man
      nick cave / black betty
      jimmy reed / big boss man

      xtc / earn enough for us
      pernice brothers / working girls (sunlight shines)
      neko case / lady pilot
      treasure state / class struggles
      graham parker / my love's strong
      [@ Club Café 10/3.]
      kelly willis / cradle of love
      [Perhaps two Kelly Willis songs in one show is a bit indulgent, but this
      one worked too well with the theme of the Graham Parker song not to play.]

      billy bragg / there is power in a union
      kinks / holiday
      martha wright & little cogswell knox / keep workin' on a building
      jack logan / 15 years in indiana
      american music club / nightwatchman

      mose allison / parchman farm
      johnny cash / i walk the line
      hillbilly idol / there ain't nothing in the world
      [@ Mellon Park 9/7, 5pm.]
      pete townshend / keep on working
      dave dudley / six days on the road
      roger miller / king of the road
      mekons / never work

      dave alvin / brother on the line
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