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Re: [fearnwhiskey] The life and times of Fear & Whiskey

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  • Carl Z.
    I post on this list maybe twice a year, and still I manage to accidentally post something meant for private email. Sorry anyone still reading! -z.
    Message 1 of 5 , May 14, 2009
      I post on this list maybe twice a year, and still I manage to
      accidentally post something meant for private email. Sorry anyone
      still reading! -z.
    • jason baldinger
      howdieeee   I have to say that I m a bit sad as I post this around today.  It s been fun rolling with this for the last 6 years though and I hope we did a
      Message 2 of 5 , May 14, 2009
        I have to say that I'm a bit sad as I post this around today.  It's been fun rolling with this for the last 6 years though and I hope we did a service to what you started, Karl
         After 14 years "Fear & Whiskey" comes to an end Monday 5/18 7pm to 10pm.
        Started in 1995 by Karl Zimring, and taken over in 2003 by Karl Rimzig (the Mockster) and Karl Grimzing (myself) along with a small cast of other occasional Karls, including Jason Rybaski (whose karl monkier I can't remember).
        "F & W" is I believe the third longest continuously running show on WRCT, and the only real consistent outlet for "country" on the station.
        So, we will be rounding up as many of the Karls as we can still find and send the show off, prolly with as much whiskey and we can down Monday night
        Tune in 88.3 wrct.org 7pm to 10pm.

        --- On Thu, 5/14/09, Mock the DJ <mockthedj@...> wrote:

        From: Mock the DJ <mockthedj@...>
        Subject: RE: [fearnwhiskey] The life and times of Fear & Whiskey
        To: "Fear n Whiskey" <fearnwhiskey@yahoogroups.com>
        Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009, 11:54 AM

        Thanks Carl.

        To be honest, it was a difficult decision to end the show...and one of the reasons we kept it alive was essentially the same reason you started the show to begin with...to keep an outlet alive for good country (whether it be "classic", "alt", bluegrass, or whatever).

        The respective Karls still have their regular shows, so country will not be dead on WRCT.

        And who knows...maybe Fear & Whiskey will rear it's head again, as schedules permit and interest from more Karls arises.

        Like the Who's Farewell tour in the early 80's...

        -The Mockster

        To: fearnwhiskey@ yahoogroups. com
        From: zimm28@gmail. com
        Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 09:51:10 -0500
        Subject: [fearnwhiskey] The life and times of Fear & Whiskey

        Fear & Whiskey was born when I came to WRCT's temporary Margaret
        Morrison studios in the fall of 1994. The radio station prints up
        t-shirts for internal distribution once a semester. One of the shirts
        around at the time parodied a cereal box's nutritional information,
        with 100% of the USDA's recommended amount of rock, 80% of the USDA's
        recommended amount of techno, and similar nutritional guidelines for
        other genres. One of the entries was 0% country. I thought that
        situation needed to be rectified, so when the January 1995 show
        application process started, I submitted a show application for a
        Mekons-influenced country show, stealing the name of their EP for the
        name. It wasn't a classic country show -- regular staples of the
        first year were records by the Mekons, American Music Club, Uncle
        Tupelo, Camper Van Beethoven, Steve Wynn, and Giant Sand (and the show
        always had a healthy dose of punk, jazz, folk, and psychedelia) -- but
        it did bring twang to WRCT's airwaves.

        It was a good time to start such a show. That summer, Bloodshot
        mailed me a Waco Brothers' single, which began a deluge of alt.country
        releases from them, Innerstate, Diesel Only, and several other labels
        and bands. Local bands with names like the Deliberate Strangers, the
        Johnsons, and Coal Train began playing around Pittsburgh. The
        magazine No Depression started up soon at roughly that time, and I
        found no difficulty finding new artists to add to the playlist on a
        regular basis. By the time WRCT moved to its current studios, the
        station's library boasted hundreds of alt.country releases.

        Fear & Whiskey attracted regular listeners early on. One contacted me
        regularly, mentioning that the show sounded a lot like his record
        collection. Eventually he joined the station, got a show, trained
        with me (AFTER he got a show, which is a funny story), and is now
        known as the Mockster. He is now one of the 2-3 longest-tenured DJs
        at the station.

        WRCT began its internet feed a couple of years into Fear & Whiskey's
        run. Listeners in Australia and Germany began to call or (more
        frequently) e-mail in requests. Bands from all over mailed in their
        CDs. Between requests and submissions, finding new music to play was
        never a problem. This was a large reason why I kept using the Fear &
        Whiskey format the entire time I was on the air.

        I stayed with WRCT until the summer of 2003, when I left Pittsburgh to
        teach at Michigan Technological University in the northern wilds of
        Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Since my move was midway through the
        summer schedule, I asked the Mockster to cover the last month of my
        Fear & Whiskey commitments. Little did I know that I was handing the
        reigns over to what became a collective of Karls who would keep the
        show running six more years! I lived in Michigan, Ohio, New Zealand,
        and Chicago during the show's run. When my teaching schedule
        permitted, I'd tune in. Every once in a while I would get email from
        a confused listener wondering about the identity of the show's DJ. It
        didn't help matters when I guest-hosted the show a couple of times on
        visits back to Pittsburgh.

        I never thought back in the fall of 1994 that the show I was starting
        would last almost a decade and a half. Thanks to the Mockster and the
        various and sundry Karls for keeping it going all these years. If you
        could play some Mekons and Karl Hendricks on the final show (gotta
        have one more Pittsburgh-based Karl, right?) for Carl, that would
        bring some nice closure to its reign.

        Carl Z.

        On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Mock the DJ <mockthedj@hotmail. com> wrote:
        > It is with great sorrow that I must announce the final show of "Fear & Whiskey" on WRCT...
        > A collective "Karl" will assemble on Monday, May 18th from 7p-10p to pay our last respects.
        > With a history close to 14 years, it wasn't an easy decision.
        > (I'll let the original Carl say any words, and possibly give some history of the show)
        > I hope you'll tune in on Monday @ www.wrct.org, send us requests via AIM: wrct883, or just call in: 412-621-WRCT

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