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hey, fwiw, I just posted this to No Dep. You might consider it, too

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  • lindaray64
    things seem to be pretty slow on this board whenever I check in. two cents worth of food for thought, maybe, anyway. . . . Folks -- It s been quiet in here for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2009
      things seem to be pretty slow on this board whenever I check in.

      two cents worth of food for thought, maybe, anyway. . . .

      Folks --

      It's been quiet in here for a while, now. Lots of us have gotten busy with other
      things. Older. That, too. And the great roots rock scare is long past, although
      a lot of the music that brought us to this place is still out there.

      We moved here to Yahoo in Sept. of 2001, as I recall. Just THINK for 60 seconds
      about all the whopping changes we've seen together in computer technology,
      web-based communities, music distribution and promotion.

      Funny. What lasts is the communities, the physical ones. We still hang out in
      nightclubs with people we like, watching live music--maybe not as much as we did
      in 1995 or so. That's still my favorite thing about sxsw. And some of us still
      hang out here, on what's left of the NoDepressionAltCountry board.

      Lessee. So we started in Sept. 2000. In March, 2001, we had 1735 posts. It won't
      surprise you to know that in March, 2009, we had 109.

      One of the things that takes our time, my time, at least, is competing online
      communities. I saw some of you on MySpace, many more on Facebook, and I like
      keeping up with your doings out there.

      It seems that, now, we're even competing with ourselves--and that doesn't make
      sense to me. What I'm referring to is the project formerly known as No
      Depression Magazine, which grew out of this online community and now has become
      an online community once again.

      Don't know if you've been there, but it's very cool. It's got all kinds of fun
      things that our Yahoo group doesn't, slickest of which, to my mind, are these:

      --It's easy to toggle about among content by No Dep Mag regulars, fan blogs,
      other groups, music clips, etc. etc. By June, it will also be possible to
      toggle to the contents of every No Nepression issue ever printed. That archive
      work is going on right now.
      --When we want to post photos and files, we can do that right within the post.
      --We might get some new members, and even get some old ones back. (That happened
      when we moved from AOL, remember? We can hope.)

      On the downside, we have years of files here that don't have counterpart storage
      at the No Depression .ning site.

      Anyroad, I've taken the liberty of starting a nodepressionaltcountry group,
      there. By popular demand, I've made sure to use our original description,
      misspelled "practioners" and all. (I did leave in Jason and the Scorchers, but
      can easily be persuaded to remove it if there remain in here any hard line

      And I also made this Yahoo group our homepage, so it should be pretty easy to
      toggle back to any files or message you want to refer to, here.

      Right now my group request is awaiting approval, but I'm certain that won't be a
      problem. 'Claw and Kevin are already over there posting away. As is Peter, of
      course. I'm making a pledge to try to post at least one live review or record
      review a week, fwiw.

      So. . .tell me. What do you think?

      Go ahead and cruise the No Dep community site before you answer:

      Love all around,

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