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John Byrne Benefit Concert (deceased singer of Count V)

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  • Stevo
    Found this on another list and thought it should be further circulated because it s pretty tragic. So hope some from here can attend &/or contribute. My name
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2009
      Found this on another list and thought it should be further circulated
      because it's pretty tragic. So hope some from here can attend &/or

      "My name is Tina Byrne. I am the daughter of John 'Sean' Byrne lead
      singer and song writer for the band Count V (hit song ''Psychotic
      Reaction). On December 15, 2008 my father passed away after being in
      the hospital for over a month. He was the young age of 61. In his
      passing he left a pretty big pile of hospital bills, funeral costs, a
      huge mortgage, and not to mention the other everyday bills we all get
      each month. My dad had no life insurance and was disabled for the
      last 6 years of his life and needed 24 hour care (which my mom Dagmar
      provided until the end). So both of my parents were unable to work
      and the only income they had was my dad's monthly disability checks
      (which didn't cover all the bills). In March of 2007 my parents were
      on the verge of foreclosure and needed money to keep their home of 33
      years so my dad, having nothing of any real value (except the rights
      to his music), had to sell ALL rights to his songs
      (including 'Psychotic Reaction') to have enough money to stay in
      their home. So my mom doesn't even get those royalty checks anymore.
      Needless to say she is not only mourning the loss of he husband of 35
      years and best friend she is also overwhelmed financially with bills
      she can't pay. Her mortgage is due and she has $40 in the bank. So I
      am trying to help her raise money to help her in her time of sorrow
      and loss. Just enough to get her back on her feet and help out until
      she can secure a job to pay her bills. I started The John Byrne
      Memorial Fund to try to raise a few bucks but no one sent anything.
      So on February 21, 2009 with the help of Dan Orloft (co-founder San
      Jose Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame) and Mark Fenichel (clear channel
      radio stations KFOX) I am having a benefit concert in my father's
      name to further help with money issues my family is facing. The show
      is at 777 Lawrence Expressway in Santa Clara, California. Doors will
      open at 7:00pm and tickets will be $25 each. We will be hosting a
      silent auction that night and we are trying to get some donations of
      memorabilia to be auctioned and also any musical instruments (guitar
      to be signed by all bands performing and raffled off) would be
      greatly appreciated. I am also in need of endorsements and/or
      sponsors for the concert. Basically any help you can give. If you can
      in anyway help please contact me any time. My family and I thank you
      for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help us in our time
      of need. You will be helping not only remember one of the most
      influential artists ever but a family who could really use a helping
      hand. Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon.

      Tina Byrne

      For any cash donations send check or money order to:
      P.O. Box 5415
      San Jose, California 95120
      Phone: (408) 265-3538"
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