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Playlists: Viva le Mock 12/14/07 & 12/7/07

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  • Mock the DJ
    Gettin off my lazy butt to post the playlists from my last TWO shows on WRCT.. Jawbreaker and Pearl Harbor Day both found their way under the Mocklight. WRCT
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2007
      Gettin' off my lazy butt to post the playlists from my last TWO shows on WRCT.. Jawbreaker and Pearl Harbor Day both found their way under the Mocklight.

      WRCT 88.3 fm - Pittsburgh, PA

      "Viva le Mock"
      Date: 12-14-2007; 9p - 1a
      The Mock: Jawbreaker

      Artist -- Song (Original Artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Okkervil River -- John Allyn Smith Sails
      Iron and Wine -- House by the Sea
      Kevin Shields -- City Girl*
      Child Bite -- Don't Do What Your Body Tells You To Do

      The Bosch -- Brooklyn Cars
      Squatweiler -- Hot for Teacher (Van Halen)
      Slade -- Merry Xmas Everybody
      The Cynics -- All About You
      The Call -- The Walls Came Down

      Band of Horses -- Islands on the Coast
      Old 97's -- Lonely Holiday*
      The Pixies -- Where is my Mind?*
      Weezer -- El Scorcho
      The Potatomen -- Punk Rock Boy

      Status Quo -- Pictures of Matchstick Men
      Luna -- Neon Lights (Kraftwerk)
      The Somebody Club -- Black and White TV
      The Rolling Stones -- Waiting on a Friend
      XTC -- Love on a Farmboy's Wages

      The Breakup Society -- No One Wants to be Remembered...
      New York Dolls -- Jet Boy*
      Under Indictment -- Think Say Do
      T. Rex -- Metal Guru
      The Push Kings -- Mrs. McKean
      Dreams So Real -- Day After Day (Badfinger)

      The 9th Ward -- Some People Do
      [@ Arsenal Lanes 12/19]
      Dewey Cox -- Take My Hand
      Thrift Store Cowboys -- In the Clear*
      Paul K and the Weathermen -- Deep Freeze
      The Wolverton Brothers -- Big West

      fIREHOSE -- On Your Knees
      Brainiac -- Vincent Come on Down
      Les Savy Fav -- The Year Before the Year 2000
      Outrageous Cheerry -- Pale Frail Lovely One
      R.E.M. -- Can't Get There from Here

      The Pipettes -- Dance and Boogie
      Shonen Knife -- Space Christmas
      Redd Kross -- Annie's Gone
      The Romantics -- Bop
      Teenage Frames -- Metropolitan World

      Bigwig -- Ashtray Monument (Jawbreaker)
      The Ataris -- Boxcar (Jawbreaker)
      Travoltas -- Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault (Jawbreaker)
      Lagwagon -- I Must Be Hateful
      [Contains the lyric: Do you remember when Jawbreaker rocked the boat]
      Judas Priest -- Jawbreaker
      The Reunion Show -- Unlisted Track (Jawbreaker)
      The Strangeloves -- I Want Candy
      Salena Catalina -- I Love You Blake Schwarzenbach
      Kill Your Idols -- Do You Still Hate Me? (Jawbreaker)
      Face To Face -- Chesterfield King (Jawbreaker)
      Gamits -- I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both (Jawbreaker)

      Jets to Brazil -- Lemon Yellow Black
      The Get Up Kids -- Stay Gold, Ponyboy
      Roky Erickson -- Heroin (Van Halen)
      My 3 Scum --- Where's Donald?
      Concrete Blonde -- Happy Birthday

      Walter Salas-Humara -- Susan Across the Ocean
      Joe Henry -- Some Champions

      * requests

      "Viva le Mock"
      Date: 12-07-2007; 9p - 1a
      The Mock: Pearl Harbor Day

      Artist -- Song (Original Artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Television -- Prove It*
      Thurston Moore -- Honest James
      Chris Brokaw -- King Ferdinand
      Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 -- Amphetamine

      The Cynics -- Slide Over
      Ian Hunter -- When the World was Round
      Alejandro Escovedo -- If I Was Your Mother
      [@ Carnegie Lecture Hall 12/8]
      Iron and Wine -- Peace Beneath the City
      Okkervil River -- Unless It Kicks
      The Mysteries of Life -- Naive Melody (Talking Heads)

      U.K. Squeeze -- Strong in Reason
      God Is My Co-Pilot -- Totally Wired (The Fall)
      Magazine -- I Love You, You Big Dummy (Captain Beefheart)
      The Gun Club -- Eternally is Here
      The Bosch -- This Town
      [@ Gooski's 12/8]
      The High Strung -- Wretched Boy

      The Pipettes -- Pull Shapes
      Go-Go's -- How Much More
      The Mary Janes -- Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry)
      Rilo Kiley -- Close Call

      Teengenerate -- Get Me Back*
      The Sex Pistols -- No Feelings*
      The Dickies -- Give It Back
      Band of Horses -- Is There a Ghost
      Moby Grape -- Omaha

      The Clash -- This is England
      The 9th Ward -- Birdies on the Wire
      [@ Arsenal Lanes 12/19]
      The Dirtbombs -- Kung Fu (Curtis Mayfield)
      Enon --- Mirror on You

      The Gothees -- The Preacher Never Had a Prayer
      [@ Excuses 12/8]
      Underwater Culprit & The House Of Assassins -- Life's Greatest Fool (Gene Clark)
      [@ Excuses 12/8]
      The Golden Palominos -- The Animal Speaks*
      Black Francis -- Bluefinger
      Ween -- Shamemaker

      Moev -- In and Out
      Ass Ponys -- Last Night it Snowed
      Game Theory -- Chardonnay
      The Breakup Society -- Nobody Likes a Winner
      The Raspberries -- Go All the Way

      Slade -- Cum on Feel the Noize
      Katrina and the Waves -- Going Down to Liverpool
      Velocity Girl -- Sorry Again
      Guided By Voices -- Harcore UFO's

      THE MOCK: Pearl Harbor Day
      Silkworm -- Pearl Harbor
      Pearl Harbor & the Explosions -- You Got It (Release It)
      Milk -- Pearl Harbor
      The Buck Pets -- Pearls
      For Against -- Harbor
      R.E.M. -- Hyena
      [Contains the line: "The only thing to fear is fearlessness" which is a variation of the infamous FDR speech on Pearl Harbor Day]
      Sunday's Best -- When is Pearl Harbor Day?
      Living Colour -- Cult of Personality
      [Audio clip at the end of the song is FDR saying "The only thing to fear is fear itself"]

      John Culliton Mahoney -- Ballad of Evel Knievel
      Galaxie 500 -- Listen the Snow is Falling (Yoko Ono)
      Bongwater -- Rain (John Lennon)
      [John Lennon died 12/8/1980]
      Child Bite -- I Like Friends

      Urinals -- You're Gonna Miss Me
      Plow -- Timmy is an Arsonist
      High Back Chairs -- Share
      The Knack -- Good Girls Don't

      * requests
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