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Clip: Magazine catalog reissued

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  • Carl Z.
    I am tempted to re-purchase The Correct Use of Soap, one of my favorite records ever.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9 5:34 PM
      I am tempted to re-purchase The Correct Use of Soap, one of my
      favorite records ever.


      Magazine Reissue Studio LPs
      Plenty of people know the Buzzcocks, Public Image Ltd., and Siouxsie
      and the Banshees, but Magazine is one of a large number of post-punk
      bands that have slipped between the cracks of history, despite
      boasting members from each of those three bands.

      Magazine songwriter and frontman Howard Devoto left the Buzzcocks in
      1977 to form the kind of band that would cover both Sly and the Family
      Stone and Captain Beefheart. Over the course of their four studio
      albums in as many years as a band, Magazine explored a weird, indirect
      kind of pop music, and they worked with producers Martin Hannett (Joy
      Division) and John Leckie (the Stone Roses) in the process.

      On April 24, Virgin Records will reissue the band's four albums, Real
      Life (1978), Secondhand Daylight (1979), The Correct Use of Soap
      (1980), and Magic, Murder and the Weather (1981).

      All four of the reissues come digitally remastered and expanded with
      bonus tracks, with the aforementioned Beefheart cover ("I Love You,
      You Big Dummy") featured on Secondhand Daylight. Together, these
      reissues form the band's complete recordings, a Magazine encyclopedia
      of sorts.

      Real Life tracklist:

      01 Definitive Gaze
      02 My Tulpa
      03 Shot by Both Sides
      04 Recoil
      05 Burst
      06 Motorcade
      07 The Great Beautician in the Sky
      08 The Light Pours Out of Me
      09 Parade
      10 Shot by Both Sides (Original Single Version) [single, bonus track]
      11 My Mind Ain't So Open ["Shot by Both Sides" B-side, bonus track]
      12 Touch and Go [single, bonus track]
      13 Goldfinger ["Touch and Go" B-side, bonus track]

      Secondhand Daylight tracklist:

      01 Feed the Enemy
      02 Rhythm of Cruelty
      03 Cut-Out Shapes
      04 Talk to the Body
      05 I Wanted Your Heart
      06 The Thin Air
      07 Back to Nature
      08 Believe That I Understand
      09 Permafrost
      10 Give Me Everything [single, bonus track]
      11 I Love You, You Big Dummy ["Give Me Everything" B-side, bonus track]
      12 Rhythm of Cruelty (Original Single Version) [single, bonus track]
      13 TV Baby ["Rhythm of Cruelty" B-side, bonus track]

      The Correct Use of Soap tracklist:

      01 Because You're Frightened
      02 Model Worker
      03 I'm a Party
      04 You Never Knew Me
      05 Philadelphia
      06 I Want to Burn Again
      07 Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
      08 Sweetheart Contract
      09 Stuck
      10 A Song From Under the Floorboards
      11 Twenty Years Ago ["A Song From Under the Floorboards" B-side, bonus track]
      12 The Book ["Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" B-side, bonus track]
      13 Upside Down [single, bonus track]
      14 The Light Pours Out of Me (Version) ["Upside Down" B-side, bonus track]

      Magic, Murder and the Weather tracklist:

      01 About the Weather
      02 So Lucky
      03 The Honeymoon Killers
      04 Vigilance
      05 Come Alive
      06 The Great Man's Secrets
      07 This Poison
      08 Naked Eye
      09 Suburban Rhonda
      10 The Garden
      11 In the Dark ["About the Weather" B-side, bonus track]
      12 The Operative ["About the Weather" B-side, bonus track]

      Posted by Dave Maher in reissue on Mon: 04-09-07: 07:00 AM CDT
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