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Clip: ATP this weekend

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  • Carl Z.
    Thurston Moore s ATP Festival Launches Tonight Sonic Youth,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2006
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      Thurston Moore's ATP Festival Launches Tonight
      Sonic Youth, Stooges, Deerhoof, Gang of Four, Dinosaur Jr., Nurse With
      Wound play this weekend in England

      All Tomorrow's Parties are happening today. And tomorrow (December 9),
      and the next day (December 10).

      ATP's Thurston Moore-curated Nightmare Before Christmas fest (taking
      place at Butlins Minehead in Somerset, England) has finally rolled
      around, and if you a) live in the UK, b) are in your right mind, and
      c) already bought a ticket (since it's sold out), you're probably
      boiling over with excitement right about now.

      As previously reported, lineup standouts include Sonic Youth (duh),
      Iggy & the Stooges, dkt/MC5 feat. Mark Arm, Deerhoof, Dinosaur Jr.,
      Melvins, Sun City Girls, Six Organs of Admittance, Nurse With Wound,
      Be Your Own Pet, Wolf Eyes, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Wooden Wand,
      Sunburned Hand of the Man, Bardo Pond, Charalambides, Magik Markers,
      Negative Approach, Prurient, No Neck Blues Band, Flipper (with Krist
      Novoselic!), and the newly added Bark Haze (a collaboration between
      Thurston Moore, Gown, and Pete Nolan), Comets on Fire, Mats Gustaffson
      + EYE (that would be EYE Yamataka of Boredoms), and more.

      So basically, every noise-rock band ever.

      Slated for the same venue come April 27-29 is the Dirty Three-curated
      ATP 2007. It features Dirty Three, Nick Cave solo and as part of his
      new band Grinderman, Spiritualized (acoustic), Low, Magnolia Electric
      Co., Cat Power, Brokeback (aka Tortoise bassist Douglas McCombs), A
      Silver Mount Zion, Bill Callahan [formerly Smog], the Drones, Faun
      Fables, Devastations, and many more playing to their hearts' content.
      Not that this is news to you.

      And not even a month later, from May 18-20 (also at the same
      location), ATP Versus the Fans is on the agenda, a festival for which
      the audience will curate half the lineup. New to the roster are
      Shellac and Micah P. Hinson. Previously reported acts include Built to
      Spill, the Notwist, Sparklehorse, Echo & the Bunnymen, Akron/Family,
      Do Make Say Think, Brightblack Morning Light, and Death Vessel.

      Posted by Kati Llewellyn in festival on Fri: 12-08-06: 01:30 PM CST
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