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RE: [fearnwhiskey] Re: Clip: Post-Pazz & Jop

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  • Wilson, Carl
    Dave wrote: Carl, did you see Christgau s firing as a bad thing? I thought the guy was so awful and irrelevant that it was hard to argue with their decision.
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 6, 2006
      Dave wrote: "Carl, did you see Christgau's firing as a bad thing? I
      thought the guy was
      so awful and irrelevant that it was hard to argue with their decision.
      But I
      also don't follow music criticism nearly as closely as you probably do,
      I'm curious to hear what you (and others) think."

      He wrote that almost a week ago but I'm behind in my list-reading. But I
      hate not to respond to a direct question so I'll say quickly: I think
      Christgau gets a bum rap because his writing style can be a bit
      convoluted. But imho, his actual opinions are nowhere near irrelevant,
      and he carries the can for an engaged, intellectual and politically
      minded music criticism that is exactly what the Voice's new management
      is coming out against going after him. The guy is far from out of touch
      - he might not agree with you about a lot of stuff, but he keeps up with
      the kind of hip-hop that a guy like him wouldn't at all be expected to
      keep up with (and always has), while still championing a lot of indie
      rock etc., and brings a passionate perspective to it all. He's the
      opposite of glib - which you might not think if all you read are the
      Consumer Guides, but I've always thought that's the least interesting
      thing that he does.

      And on top of that, he created the Voice's music section, he brought in
      Chuck Eddy who was an excellent music editor and pushed them out of
      their indie-underground ghetto (covering among other things, country,
      which has gone a long way to revise rock crit's old anti-Nashville bias)
      and who was also fired. The people who fired them, all evidence seems
      clear, knew little and cared less about what made these people good or
      valuable contributors to criticism. They only cared that they weren't
      young and glib-snappy, which is what they think works in weeklies, and
      they wanted the coverage to get more ghettoized to indie and dance music
      and celebrity sniping that the educated young demographic they're after
      is presumed to want.

      So in short, yeah, I think it was a bad thing, and it sets a terrible
      precedent for those of us who imagine this as a field that (1) you might
      make a living (life) in; and (2) actually means a little bit of
      something. Which is why protesting it seems worthwhile.

      carl w.

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