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Clip: Touring Newman previews album to come

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  • Carl Z.
    Touring Newman previews album to come November 3, 2006 BY GARY GRAFF Randy Newman
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2006

      Touring Newman previews album to come

      November 3, 2006
      Randy Newman hopes to end the wait for an album of new material some
      time in 2007. The veteran singer/songwriter says he has eight or nine
      songs "in the middle of" being written, which he says is unusual.

      "Usually I'll start 'em and then finish them, one at a time. Why that
      happened this time, I don't know, but I've got three done, I think,
      and six or seven more to do," he says. "I'd like to maybe start
      recording some time this year [and] maybe get it out by the spring of

      On his current tour, which brings him to Orchestra Hall tonight,
      Newman is previewing some of the new songs, among them "Losing You," a
      love song, and "A Few Words in Defense of My Country," which he
      debuted earlier this year in Europe.

      "It's kind of an odd song about how things are now, in my opinion,"
      Newman says, though he adds that direct political commentary is not a
      milieu he's comfortable with.

      "I haven't done that more than two or three times in my life because
      they don't hold up," he explains. "The times change. I wrote something
      about the first Gulf war called 'Lines in the Sand'; that would work
      now, again, just coincidentally, but it's too specific."

      Newman hasn't chosen a producer for the new album but says he tends to
      work relatively quickly once the songs are together. He also notes
      that each time he starts recording he's caught off guard by how long
      it's been between albums; this will be his first since 1999's "Bad
      Love," though he reprised some of his old songs in solo piano versions
      on 2003's "The Randy Newman Songbook, Vol. 1."

      "It's always too long," Newman notes. "I think I should've tried to
      develop more of a liking for the studio. I don't like it in there
      much, the way some people do. But the possibilities for the studio,
      which are immense, I've never explored that much. Another thing I
      regret is I haven't put out more work. Elton John made five records
      while I was watching 'Monday Night Football.' I wish I'd done more,
      but there's nothing I can do about it."

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