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Clip: Bloodshot DVD

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  • Carl Z.
    Ryan Adams, Jon Langford, More on Bloodshot DVD Bloodshot Records
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2006

      Ryan Adams, Jon Langford, More on Bloodshot DVD
      Bloodshot Records Celebrating over 12 years in this wild and woolly
      biz, beloved Chicago imprint Bloodshot Records has announced the
      release of its first-ever DVD, cunningly titled Bloodied but Unbowed:
      Bloodshot Records' Life in the Trenches. Due out October 10 and packed
      with over three hours of alt-country goodness, it's sure to make your
      eyes go, er, bloodshot. Yee-haw!

      The roundup includes concert footage, interviews, documentaries, short
      films, photo galleries, and more from artists on the quality-assured
      Bloodshot Records roster, as well as a "mockumentary" depicting a day
      in the life over at Bloodshot World HQ. Those outrageous alt-country

      Among the urban cowboys and cowgirls on this hootenanny of a DVD:
      Alejandro Escovedo, Robbie Fulks, Jon Langford, Sally Timms, Old 97s,
      Kelly Hogan, Split Lip Rayfield, Waco Brothers, the Sadies, the
      Detroit Cobras, Bobby Bare Jr., and Ryan "Aw Shit" Adams.

      Scope some hot clip action here.

      01 Intro
      02 Bobby Bare Jr. - "Let's Rock and Roll"
      03 Bobby Bare Jr. - "Flat Chested Girl From Maynardville"
      04 Deadstring Brothers - "Sacred Heart"
      05 Ryan Adams - "Amy"
      06 Split Lip Rayfield - "A Little More Cocaine Please"
      07 Split Lip Rayfield - "PB24SS"
      08 The Detroit Cobras - "Cha Cha Twist"
      09 Alejandro Escovedo - "Castanets"
      10 Wayne Hitchcock - "Thunderstorms & Neon Signs"
      11 Wayne Hitchcock - "Miller, Jack & Mad Dog"
      12 Old 97s - "Over the Cliff"
      13 Robbie Fulks - "Dirty-Mouthed Flo"
      14 Scott H. Biram - "Hit the Road"
      15 Graham Parker - "Almost Thanksgiving Day"
      16 The Sadies - "Empty the Chamber"
      17 The Sadies - "Flash"
      18 Jon Langford - "Nashville Radio"
      19 Jon Langford - "Over the Cliff"
      20 Scroat Belly - "Drinkin' & Flailin'"
      21 Trailer Bride - "Hope is a Thing With Feathers"
      22 Paul Burch - "Life of a Fool"
      23 Devil in a Woodpile - "Shake It and Break It"
      24 Jon Rauhouse - "Widowmaker"
      25 Kelly Hogan & Jon Rauhouse - "Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive"
      26 Sally Timms & Jon Rauhouse - "Perfidia"
      27 The Riptones - "Rebel Rock Armageddon"
      28 The Unholy Trio - "Bring the Noise"
      29 Waco Brothers - "See Willy Fly By"
      30 Waco Brothers - "Take Me to the Fires"
      31 Waco Brothers - "Death of Country Music"
      32 "Blood, Sweat and Beers: A Bloodshot Primer"
      33 "A 'Heartbreaker' Road Trip" with Ryan Adams
      34 "TMP Smackdown" with the Meat Purveyors
      35 "The Sundowners"
      36 "I [Heart] My Label"
      37 "'Chic-A-Go-Go' Salutes Bloodshot"
      38 "On the Turnpike" with Split Lip Rayfield
      39 "Bloodshot Records at SXSW"

      Posted by Kati Llewellyn and Matthew Solarski in dvd, compilation on
      Tue: 10-03-06: 03:30 PM CDT
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