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Clip: Nikki Sudden Final Album, Autobiography Due

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  • Carl Z.
    Nikki Sudden Final Album, Autobiography Due New 7 out now Former
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2006
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      Nikki Sudden Final Album, Autobiography Due
      New 7" out now

      Former Swell Maps frontman Nikki Sudden passed away last spring, but
      that hasn't stopped the flow of new Sudden material. A new Sudden 7"
      recently hit the shelves, courtesy of Atlanta-based Rob's House
      Records. Titled the Barroom Blues 7", the posthumous release contains
      two unreleased studio tracks ("Barroom Blues" and "Family Bible")
      recorded in Athens, Georgia in the summer of 2005 with members of the
      band Southern Bitch.

      The Sudden estate is also arranging for the release of The Truth
      Doesn't Matter, his final album, due out on October 10 via Secretly
      Canadian. Originally scheduled for an April 2006 release, the
      fifteen-track album features a band comprised of Darrell Bath, John
      Barry, Einar Stenseng, and Danny Hole, as well as special guest
      contributions from Sanni Baumgärtner, Mark Mulholland, and Elisabeth

      Next year, fans will be treated to a Sudden autobiography, The Last
      Bandit, which the rock veteran completed before his death.

      The Truth Doesn't Matter:

      01 Seven Miles
      02 Don't Break My Soul
      03 The Balld of Johnny and Marianne
      04 Talking to the Wrong Guy
      05 Green Shield Stamps
      06 Jet Star Groove
      07 Draggin' Me Down
      08 Nothing Left
      09 The Price of Nails
      10 Black Tar
      11 Burgundy
      12 Beyond Hope
      13 All This Buttoning and Unbuttoning
      Posted by Laura Pearson in album, single on Tue: 08-08-06: 10:35 AM CDT
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