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Playlist: "Viva Le Mock" 7/7/06

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  • Mock the DJ
    With 7/7 being Ringo Starr s birthday, along with the fact that the All STAR game is in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, I decided to put Mr. Starkey under the MockLight
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8 12:08 PM
      With 7/7 being Ringo Starr's birthday, along with the fact that the All STAR
      game is in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, I decided to put Mr. Starkey under the
      MockLight this week...

      WRCT 88.3 fm Pittsburgh PA

      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 07-07-2006; 9:00 p.m.
      The Mock: Ringo Starr

      Artist -- Song (Original Artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Eleventh Dream Day -- Insincere Inspiration
      Don Caballero -- Railroad Cancellation
      Negativland -- Escape from Noise
      Kraftwerk -- Radioactivity
      Miles Davis -- In a Silent Way*

      Air Miami -- World Cup Fever
      Friendstealer -- Shake the Sound
      The Delgados -- All You Need is Hate
      [This song almost made it into the Mock]
      Blanket Music -- Red Right Ankle
      Fourtet -- Hilarious Movie of the 90s*

      Dirty Dozen Brass Band -- Oop Pop a Dah*
      [Dizzy Gillespie is featured on this track]
      Sons Of The Pioneers -- Cool Water
      The Meat Puppets -- Tumblin' Tumbleweeds (Sons of the Pioneer)
      D.C. 3 -- Theme from an Imaginary Western
      U2 -- Seconds

      Built to Spill -- Strange
      Small -- Empty Room
      The Fixx -- How Much is Enough?
      [From 1991's "comback" album 'Ink']
      Nena -- Woman on Fire
      [From 1985, and proof that Nena should have quit while ahead]
      Miss Kittin & The Hacker -- Life on MTV
      Missing Persons -- Bad Streets
      [Proof that there are actual unknown "gems" deeper in some albums]

      Ben Lee -- Catch My Disease
      Marshall Crenshaw -- Mary Anne
      Tommy Keene -- Warren in the 60s
      Wreckless Eric -- Veronica
      [@ Brillobox 7/23]
      Jon Auer -- Four Letter Word

      Beat Happening -- Cast a Shadow
      We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It -- Rules and Regulations
      The Geraldine Fibbers -- You Doo Right* (Can)
      [Request was actually for Can, but I wanted to hear this]
      The Mountain Goats -- Going to Cleveland*
      [For one of WRCT's own, Abie, who is moving]

      Teen Riot -- Telstar (Tornados)
      [@ BBT 7/8]
      Sandy Nelson -- The Happy Organ (Dave "Baby" Cortez)
      Cake -- Mahna Mahna (Piero Umiliani)
      Dukes of Stratosphere -- Vanishing Girl*
      Wussy -- Airborne

      Chelsea -- Urban Kids
      Iggy and the Stooges -- Raw Power*
      Devo -- Through Being Cool*
      Girl Talk -- That's My DJ
      The Like Young -- Spell it Out

      The Wrens -- Happy
      We're Wolves -- The Cigarette Basement
      Gene Loves Jezebel -- Desire
      The Dipsomaniacs -- A Million Miles Away (The Plimsouls)

      THE MOCK: Ringo Starr
      Camper Van Beethoven -- Photograph (Ringo Starr)
      [Co-Written by G. Harrison]
      Happy Mondays --- Total Ringo
      B.A.L.L. -- Bangladesh (G. Harrison)
      [Writing credits on the album: Starkey/Harrison/Dylan]
      Joe Cocker -- With a Little Help From My Friends (Beatles)
      [Ringo sang lead on the original]
      The Georgia Satellites -- Don't Pass Me By (Beatles)
      [Ringo wrote this one from the White Album]
      Suzi Quatro -- I Wanna Be Your Man (Beatles)
      [Ringo sang lead on the original]
      Love Battery -- Head of Ringo
      Eugene Chadbourne -- Octopus's Garden (Beatles)
      [Ringo wrote this one from Abbey Road]
      Mickey Dolenz -- Good Night (Beatles)
      [Ringo sang lead on the original]
      B.A.L.L. -- It Don't Come Easy (Ringo Starr)

      Demolition Doll Rods -- All the Stars
      Tsunami Bomb -- Safety Song
      Ducks Deluxe -- Don't Mind Rockin' Tonight
      Robbie Fulks --- I Told Her Lies
      Duane Eddy -- Making Believe (Jimmy Work)
      Richard Thompson -- Waltzing's For Dreamers
      Dave Alvin -- Fourth fo July (X)
      [Dave wrote this while in X]

      The Comsat Angels -- Independence Day

      * requests
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