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Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on June 29, 2006

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  • jwmoosefan2001
    Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on June 29, 2006 Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New [Notes] Shirley Ellis - The Nitty Gritty - The Complete
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      Playlist for Memphis to Manchester on June 29, 2006

      Key: Artist - Title - Album - +=Request *=New

      Shirley Ellis - The Nitty Gritty - The Complete Congress Recordings -
      Connoisseur Collection
      [ Roy Kasten (Feel Like Going Home 8-10 AM Wednesdays) came
      through and provided me with a copy of this sought-after (by me) &
      hard-to-get collection. Not that every song on this is a gem but the
      singing is top-notch and it's really an entertaining listen. ]

      Arthur Conley - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day - Atlantic Unearthed: Soul
      Brothers - Atlantic / Rhino*
      [ This new compilation features 16 tracks of rare or previously
      unissued material recorded for Atlantic during the 60s & 70s. This
      Arthur Conley version of the Sam Cooke song was recorded at Fame
      Studios in 1967 and was never released prior to now. ]

      Laura Lee - What A Man - Atlantic Unearthed: Soul Sisters -
      Atlantic / Rhino*
      [ Like the compilation from the last song, this new compilation
      features 16 tracks of rare or previously unissued material recorded
      for Atlantic during the 60s & 70s - only this compilation features
      the works of female soul artists. I've played the original Lynda
      Lyndell version before but this is the first time I've heard this
      Laura Lee version. It was originally the b-side to the Separation
      Line ("Separation Line features an amazing vocal performance, BTW)
      single. ]

      Young-Holt Unlimited - Soulful Strut - The Best Of Young-Holt
      Unlimited - Capitol
      [ Probably too good an instrumental track to be relegated to
      being in the background during the weather reading. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      Zilla Mayes - I Love You Still - Confessing: Deep Soul Of New
      Orleans - Grapevine*
      [ This new compilation features all kinds of rare songs by New
      Orleans soul artists with emphasis on the slow, smoldering ballads.
      The vocals on this Allen Toussaint song are truly great. ]

      Irma Thomas - In Between Tears - A Woman's Viewpoint - Kent
      [ This song was co-written and produced by Swamp Dogg. ]

      Candi Staton - You Never Really Wanted Me - His Hands - Astralwerks*
      [ Candi Staton covers Charlie Rich on this new & long-awaited
      recording. Candi Staton is currently touring in the UK and I'm
      really hoping she makes it over here to promote this new album. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      The Blasters - American Music - Testament - Slash / Warner Bros /
      [ Rare St. Louis appearance from the Downey-based band this
      Monday (July 3) at Beale on Broadway. Opening is Scott Kay & The
      Continentals. Should be a terrific show. ]

      Chuck Berry - Promised Land - St. Louis To Liverpool - Geffen / Chess
      [ This reissue features this 1964 album (his first post-prison
      recording) plus three bonus tracks. Not a lot of filler on this plus
      the reissue has really good sound. ]

      Johnny Cash - Oney - The Essential Johnny Cash 1955-83 - Columbia
      [ Rats - I had a request to play "One Piece At A Time" and
      missed it by one track. Chalk it up to DJ error. Oh, well, somebody
      out there probably related to this one, I suspect. ]

      Mike Auldridge / Lowell Georga / David Bromberg - Everybody Slides -
      Dobro/Blues & Bluegrass - Takoma

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      Kevin Gordon - Casino Road - O Come Look At The Burning - Crowville
      [ Appearing next Wednesday (July 5) at Off Broadway along with
      Last Train Home & Ellery. ]

      Maria McKee - My Girlhood Among The Outlaws - You Gotta Sin To Get
      Saved - Geffen
      [ Still the strongest and most consistent album that she ever
      recorded. She wrote this and dedicated it to her band members & I
      believed the band dissolved during the tour to support this or really
      shortly thereafter. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      The Shirelles - Baby, It's You - Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Castle
      [ Just a really classy recording of the song co-written and
      arranged by Burt Bacharach. ]

      The Bangles - Live - All Over The Place - Columbia
      [ This album is pure pop perfection. This is a cover of a song
      by the Merry-Go-Round & features the vocals of Debbi Peterson. ]

      Laurie Johnson & The London Studio Orchestra - The Avengers: Main
      Title - Hal Lifson's Sex & The '60s - Varese Sarabande
      [ Ah, a Diana Rigg flashback. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      The Delgados - Ballad Of Accounting - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions -
      Chemikal Underground*
      [ This new 2-CD collection of 29 songs is made up of appearances
      on John Peelâ?Ts BBC Radio 1 show from May, 1995 through September,
      2004, shortly before both their split and his death. This is a must-
      have for fans of the Delgados and, really now, why wouldn't anybody
      be fans of the late, great Scottish band? Remember - this is what
      they sounded like live...truly sublime. This is a beautiful rendition
      of a song written by Ewan MacColl. ]

      The Delgados - Is This All That I Came For? - The Complete BBC Peel
      Sessions - Chemikal Underground*
      [ See previous entry. Right now, this release is only available
      as an import. ]

      Neko Case - Outro With Bees - Live At KDHX: Volume 4 - KDHX*
      [ Neko Case came in & recorded this live in the upgraded KDHX
      studio. Just another example of your pledge drive dollars being used
      for good instead of evil. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      Waterloo - The Light In The Doorway - Out Of The Woods - Undertow*
      [ Come celebrate the CD release party of Waterloo's latest CD,
      Out Of The Woods, this Saturday (July 1) at the Lucas School House.
      Opening is a semi-rare appearance by Adam Reichmann & Steve Rauner.
      This is also a benefit for KDHX. Why would you even think of missing
      this? ]

      Adam Reichmann - Different Kind Of Heartache - Another Version Of The
      Same Story - Self
      [ Adam Reichmann & Steve Rauner are opening for Waterloo to
      celebrate the Waterloo CD release of their latest CD, Out Of The
      Woods. ]

      Rebecca Ryan - Cobalt - Louder In The Dark - Perdition*
      [ People who were at Rebecca Ryan's CD Release Party last Friday
      at the Mad Art Studios were treated to a night of beautiful vocals
      and some really good musical guest accompaniment. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers - The Woods - Sub Pop
      [ Sleater-Kinney has decided to call it quits - RIP. St. Louis
      was lucky enough to see a tremendous live show here at Mississippi
      Nights last October. ]

      Chris Mills - Suicide Note - The Silver Line - Powerless Pop
      [ Appearing tonight in an *early* show at the Hi-Pointe. Chris
      Mills goes on first right at 7:00 PM. Also on the bill are The New
      Suits. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      James McMurtry - We Can't Make It Here - Childish Things - Compadre
      [ This song by a Texan was dedicated to a Texan who come to
      Clayton last night for a $2,000-a-plate fund-raiser to help a
      Missouri senator who can't even vote to up the minimum wage. Go read
      - $5.15 today is the equivalent of only $4.23 in 1995 â?" lower than
      the $4.25 minimum wage level before the 1996-97 increase. ]

      John Prine - Some Humans Ain't Human - Fair & Square - Oh Boy+
      [ I had a request for some John Prine. This one just seemed to
      make sense right after the James McMurtry song. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      Edward Hamilton - I'm Gonna Love You - Lou Beatty's Detroit Soul -
      [ This collection features songs that came from the The Detroit-
      based La Beat label in the last half of the 60s. Nothing like Motown -
      much rawer & no hits to speak of. Still, some impressive recordings
      are on this new compilation put out by Grapevine (UK). ]

      Chuck Edwards - Downtown Soulville - Downtown Soulville - Soulville
      [ What a collection - who knows where Soulville Records is even
      based. The CD was manufactured in Luxemburg & features 24 great and
      not-often heard 60s soul songs. These all tend to be on the rawer,
      raucous side of things. ]

      The Maskman & The Agents - My Wife, My Dog, My Cat - Superfly Soul -
      Union Square
      [ One of the most humorous soul songs I've ever heard. ]

      -------- - -------- - -------- - --------

      Bull Moose Jackson - I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well - King
      Records Box Set - King
      [ As you might have guessed...this is the answer song to "Who
      Threw The Whiskey In The Well." ]

      Barry & The Remains - Why Do I Cry - The Remains - Epic
      [ This 1966 abum features garage rock & soul at its very best. ]

      The La De Das - How Is The Air Up There? - Nuggets II: Original
      Artyfacts From The British Empire & Beyond 1964-69 - Rhino
      [ This 60s garage rock band was based out of New Zealand. ]
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