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Playlist: "Viva Le Mock" 6/23/06

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  • Mock the DJ
    Summer had begun a few days prior, so why not put The Beach Boys under the Mocklight? WRCT 88.3 fm www.wrct.org Pittsburgh, PA Program: Viva le Mock Date:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
      Summer had begun a few days prior, so why not put The Beach Boys under the

      WRCT 88.3 fm
      Pittsburgh, PA

      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 06-23-2006
      The Mock: The Beach Boys

      Artist -- Song (Original Artist) [Comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Ian McCulloch -- Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye (L. Cohen)
      Grandaddy -- Jeez Louise
      Savage Republic -- Andelusia

      Chris Mills -- Escape from New York
      Frank Black -- Headache
      Miracle Legion -- Snacks and Candy
      The Widgets -- Fat America
      [This LP also has a cover of Jimmy Buffett on it...hmmmm....]
      Kahoots -- Shut Up

      Buzzcocks -- What Do I Get?
      Radio Birdman -- Do the Pop!
      The Statics -- Don't Mess With Us
      Sugar Shack -- Not 21
      Guitar Wolf -- Can-Nana Fever

      Map of the World -- Hiroshima Girls
      Throwing Muses -- Dizzy
      Eleventh Dream Day -- The Lure
      The Flirts -- We Just Want to Dance
      Nikki and the Corvettes -- Just What I Need
      Plasmatics -- Saturday Nite*

      Wreckless Eric -- Hit and Miss Judy
      [@ brillobox 7/23]
      The Like Young -- Something Fell Through
      The Little Killers -- She Don't Love Me
      Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers -- Chinese Rocks*
      The Weirdos -- We Got the Neutron Bomb*
      Demolition Doll Rods -- Booty Call

      Split Enz -- Six Months in a Leaky Boat
      Ted Leo/Pharmacists -- Me and Mia
      The Decemberists -- The Sporting Life
      World Party -- Martha My Dear (The Beatles)
      Jon Auer -- Cemetery Song

      Ween -- Dr. Rock*
      [The Mockster's favorite Ween song, no less]
      Brainiac -- Vincent Come on Down
      Don Caballero -- World Class Listening Problem
      Travel -- Nervous Aluminum Rabbit

      Robbie Fulks -- Let's Kill Saturday Night
      Drive-By Truckers -- People Who Died (Jim Carroll)
      FSK -- Elke Sommer's Territory Band
      Blue Rodeo -- What Am I Doing Here
      Poster Children -- He's My Star
      [I dare you to find a better song about David Hassellhoff]

      Red House Painters -- Michigan*
      Hefner -- Hello Kitten
      Prince -- Controversy
      Girl Talk -- Friday Night

      Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps -- Blue Jean Bop*
      The Raconteurs -- Blue Veins
      The Meices -- La La Land
      The Stranglers -- I Feel Like a Wog

      THE MOCK: The Beach Boys
      The Jesus and Mary Chain -- Surfin' USA (Chuck Berry)
      Sonic Youth -- I Know There's an Answer (Beach Boys)
      Yo La Tengo -- Little Honda (Beach Boys)
      Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet -- In My Room (Beach Boys)
      Phranc -- Surfer Girl (Beach Boys)
      Wall of Voodoo -- Do It Again (Beach Boys)
      They Might Be Giants -- Caroline, No (Beach Boys)
      Pere Ubu -- Beach Boys
      [Same CD contains a Beach Boys cover as well]
      Tommy Keene -- Our Car Club (Beach Boys)
      The Queers -- Don't Back Down* (Beach Boys)
      Bryan Ferry -- Don't Worry Baby (Beach Boys)
      The Who -- Barbara Ann* (Fred Fassert)
      [Original artist to record this song was The Regents, although it was the
      Beach Boys who made it a hit]
      The Ramones -- Do You Wanna Dance? (Bobby Freeman)
      [Cliff Richard had a hit with this 2 years before The Beach Boys]

      Pavement -- Stereo
      Adamo Drive -- Kids
      The Schramms -- Walk to Delphi
      Guadalcanal Diary -- Always Saturday
      The Talking Heads -- Don't Worry about the Government
      Wussy -- Airborne

      * requests
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