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Clip: Loren Mazzacane Connors box set

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  • Carl Z.
    Loren Connors Given Box Set Treatment Zach Vowell reports: Fresh off a surprise performance
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2006

      Loren Connors Given Box Set Treatment

      Zach Vowell reports:
      Fresh off a surprise performance with Jandek at a Houston-area Quaker
      meeting house, Loren Connors will get even more rays of the public's
      spotlight, as Family Vineyard has will release a sprawling 3-CD box
      set of Connor's singles and unreleased work, the scarcity and
      labyrinthine discography of which the No Neck Blues Band would be
      proud to call their own.

      Night Through: Singles & Collected Works, 1976-2004 will be released
      on June 6, and adds up to over 3 and a half hours of Connors'
      distinctive solo guitar work as well as a couple of tracks from
      Connors' band Haunted House. But even if you already somehow own most
      or all of the previously released tracks, the comp boasts the
      remastering talents of Jim O'Rourke, who worked his wicked mastering
      skills on the original tapes.

      Night Through's first two CDs focus on Connors' many 7"s on labels
      such as Road Cone, Union Pole, Table of Elements, Menlo Park, St.
      Joan, and of course Family Vineyard. And though CDs one and two
      contain a few scattered unreleased songs (including a 1959 rendition
      of "Peace" by Connors' mother Mary Mazzacane), the third CD really
      packs the unheard recordings with 13 such tracks ranging from as early
      as 1998 to as late as 2004. As if all this rounding up from the vaults
      weren't enough, Family Vineyard seems to have also been diligent in
      collecting tracks scattered on different compilations. All in all,
      don't hold your breath for a more comprehensive look at Connors'
      non-album work coming out anytime soon.

      Or who knows, maybe these'll make a run on the charts, especially
      "Deirdre of the Sorrows":

      CD 1:

      01 Come on in My Kitchen *
      02-04 Ribbon o' Blues 7"
      05-10 Mother & Son 7"
      11-15 Five Points 7"
      16-24 The Stations of the Cross 2x7"
      25-28 Deirdre of the Sorrows 7"
      29-34 Battle of Clontarf *

      CD 2:

      01 Betty Mae *
      02 Night Through
      03-05 Exile 7"
      06 The End, The Afternoon, The Light 7"
      07-08 Desire 7"
      09 Adonais 7"
      10 Spirit 7"
      11 In a Street Full of Rain 7"
      12 Air *
      13 Oh Bonny Doone *
      14 Woman Taken in Adultery
      15 For NY 9/11/01 CDR Single
      16 Pretty as Ever
      17 The Departing of a Dream Vol. 4 *
      18 Moon Gone Down 7"
      19 Peace (by Mary Mazzacane) *

      CD 3:

      01 Why We Came Together
      02 Suzanne's Rain
      03 I've Had Trouble, I've Had Joy
      04 Untitled *
      05 Haunted House CDR Single
      06 Shadows
      07 Only When You Sleep *
      08 I Love You Porgy *
      09 Star of Bethlehem pt. 1 *
      10 Star of Bethlehem pt. 2 *
      11 Earth *
      12 Stars *
      13 Night in Vain *
      14 Untitled *
      15 Untitled *
      16 Untitled *
      17 For Miles Davis *
      18 For Miles pt. 2 *

      * previously unreleased

      Connors has two performances scheduled for the summer: August 14 at
      Tonic in New York City, where he will perform a guitar duo with Tetuzi
      Akiyama, and an appearance at Eyedrum in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31
      as part of the Table of the Elements festival.

      * Loren Connors: http://www.fvrec.com/lorenconnors/
      * Family Vineyard: http://www.family-vineyard.com/
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