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Clip: Keith Richards leaves Aukland hospital

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  • Carl Z.
    Keith Richards and I agree on Kiwi hospitality. A Rolling Stone Leaves
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2006
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      Keith Richards and I agree on Kiwi hospitality.


      A Rolling Stone Leaves Hospital After Surgery

      Published: May 11, 2006

      Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones was discharged from a hospital in
      Auckland, New Zealand, yesterday after surgery to relieve pressure on
      his brain, the band's record company said today.

      The aging rocker appeared to be in good spirits as he briskly walked
      out the back door of the hospital accompanied by three bodyguards,
      according to the Dominion Post newspaper of Wellington.

      "He looked good, quite fine," according to Phil Walter, a photographer
      the paper interviewed who was on the scene. "He was walking quite

      He left the hospital wearing a fitted red leather jacket and a cap on
      top of what appeared to be a beanie and might have been a dressing for
      a surgical wound.

      Mr. Richards was hospitalized last week after suffering what his
      publicist characterized as a "mild concussion" from a fall in late
      April while vacationing in Fiji. He was treated locally and later
      transported to The Ascot Hospital in Auckland for observation.

      After he complained about headaches, doctors operated, drilling a
      small hole in his skull to drain blo0d.. Although out of the hospital,
      Mr. Richards will evidently be staying in New Zealand for an
      undetermined period. "He will be an outpatient, returning to the
      hospital for check-up," Virgin Records reported on its Web site.

      His illness will delay the band's summer tour of Europe, which had
      been scheduled to begin near the end of this month, into June, with
      the exact dates to be announced later, the Website reported.

      Mr. Richards, 62, left a note that thanked the hospital staff for what
      he termed the "truly wonderful" care he received in the hospital,
      according to an article today in the New Zealand Herald.

      "From the doctors to the beautiful ladies who make painful nights less
      painful and shorter, I'm pretty much at a loss for words to express my
      deep gratitude," he said, according to the newspaper. The note ended
      "Many thanks, Kiwis."

      Mr. Richards had injured his head while staying in Fiji with his wife
      Patti following a Rolling Stones tour of New Zealand and Australia.
      The concerts appear to have been well received.

      A review in the Dominion Post newspaper in New Zealand said: "These
      guys may be in their sixties now, but clearly the Rolling Stones love
      what they do. And we love them for that. There's no other reason they
      would work this hard to put on such an amazing show."
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