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Playlist: "Viva Le Mock" 3/31/06

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  • Mock the DJ
    Sorry about the 4 (upcoming) separate emails for my last months worth of playlists...but I m slowly getting to them to catch up... In between it all I managed
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2006
      Sorry about the 4 (upcoming) separate emails for my last months worth of
      playlists...but I'm slowly getting to them to catch up...

      In between it all I managed a vacation, saw some great shows...and missed a
      few others.


      We lost Buck Owens the week this show aired...

      Program: Viva le Mock
      Date: 03-31-2006
      The Mock: Buck Owens

      Artist -- Song (Original Artist) [comments]

      Lou Reed -- My Name is Mok
      Pavement -- Debris Slide
      Mclusky --- Alan is a Cowboy Killer
      Arab Strap -- Don't Ask Me To Dance
      Tortoise & Bonny Prince Billy -- Cavalry Cross (R. Thompson)

      Drive-By Truckers -- Gravity's Gone
      Martin Zellar -- East Side Boys
      Neko Case -- Star Witness
      The Velvet Underground -- Jesus
      Magnapop --- 13 (Big Star)

      Camera -- Never Wanna Let You Go
      [@ Brillobox 4/22]
      The Rubinoos -- Rock and Roll is Dead
      Tracey Ullman -- Breakaway
      Rosie Flores -- Bop Street
      Lee Rocker -- Rock This Town (Stray Cats)

      Lilys -- A Diana's Diana
      Julian Cope -- Saint Julian*
      Soccer -- Rush Hour Girl
      John Wesley Harding -- Goth Girl
      The Loud Family -- Erica's Word (Game Theory)

      Altered Images -- Song Sung Blue (N. Diamond)
      The Essex Green -- Penny & Jack
      The M's -- Plan of the Man
      The Minus 5 -- My Life as a Creep
      [Played to a sold out audience @ Club Cafe. Peter Buck of R.E.M. was
      touring on bass]
      Cheap Trick -- Southern Girls

      Hindu Love Gods -- Narrator (R.E.M.)
      The Hi-Frequencies -- California Ave.
      [@ Club Cafe 5/20]
      Lyres -- She Pays the Rent
      Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 -- All the Squares Go Home
      [Played a fantastic show at Club Cafe on 4/25]
      Dumptruck -- Repetition
      [Kirk Swan of Dumptruck was a member of Steve Wynn's "Miracle 3"]

      The Bangles -- Goin' Down to Liverpool
      Nancy Sinatra -- These Boots are Made for Walking

      Eef Barzelay -- Little Red Dot
      [@ Club Cafe 5/9]
      Beat Happening --- Indian Summer
      Violent Femmes -- Country Death Song
      The Strugglers -- Riding (W. Oldham)
      Matt Costa -- Oh Dear

      Tarnation with Joe Gore -- Leaving on a Jet Plane (J. Denver)
      This Mortal Coil -- Sampler -- You and Your Sister (Chris Bell)
      Eleventh Dream Day --- Angels Spread Your Wings
      Young And Sexy -- Satellite
      Songs of Green Pheasant -- Truth But Not Fact

      The Feelies -- Doin' It Again
      Stereolab -- Interlock
      Dave "Baby" Cortez -- Shake
      Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 -- Tell Me When It's Over (live) (Dream
      [Recorded 4/25 at the WRCT studios]
      The Soft Boys -- Positive Vibrations

      Waylon Jennings -- Tiger by the Tail (Buck Owens)
      Eric Ambel -- Loose Talk (Buck Owens)
      The Derailers -- Under Your Spell (Buck Owens)
      The Flying Burrito Brothers -- Rollin' in my Sweet Baby's Arms (Buck Owens)
      The Cornell Hurd Band - Big Game Hunter (Buck Owens)
      Buck -- Old Blue Sweater
      Jim Lauderdale -- Sweet Rosie Jones (Buck Owens)
      The Beatles -- Act Naturally (Buck Owens)

      Epoxies -- Radiation*
      D.I. - Richard Hung Himself*
      The Bonapartes -- Achilles
      The Rogers Sisters -- Sooner or Later
      They Shoot Horses Don't They -- Hiccup
      They Shoot Horses Don't They -- Sunlight

      a-ha -- We're Looking for the Whales
      Robert Pollard -- Kensington Cradle
      [Coming to Pgh opening for Pearl Jam]
      Camper Van Beethoven -- Sweethearts

      * requests
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