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  • Carl Z.
    Wire s First Three LPs to Be Reissued, Boxed Kati Llewellyn and Amy Phillips report: Fuck bonus
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
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      Wire's First Three LPs to Be Reissued, Boxed

      Kati Llewellyn and Amy Phillips report:
      Fuck bonus tracks! Bonus tracks are lame! According to Wire, cuts
      tacked onto the end of reissues are "inappropriate" and "muddy the
      conceptual clarity of the original statements."

      So when the pioneering punk band's classic first three albums are
      reissued on CD courtesy of the band's own Pink Flag label, don't
      expect any outtakes, B-sides, or Arthur Baker extended dance remixes--
      just 1977's Pink Flag, 1978's Chairs Missing, and 1979's 154 in their
      original sonic glory, each one remastered and lovingly packaged with
      extensive liner notes and historical photos.

      The reissue campaign, which the band calls "the first ever 'proper' CD
      release" of the influential trilogy, will hit American record stores
      April 25, and each album will be sold individually. However, Wire
      superduper fans will also have the opportunity to purchase all three
      together, along with two live discs, as part of the box set WIRE: 1977
      > 1979. (Yes, that's a "greater than" sign. Does that mean the band
      admits that Pink Flag is better than 154?)

      The box won't be available in stores; it can be purchased exclusively
      through the Pink Flag webstore at PostEverything.com. The live albums,
      self-explanatorily titled Live at the Roxy, London - April 1st & 2nd
      1977, and Live at CBGB Theatre, New York - July 18th 1978, may be
      available individually in stores at some point in the future, but
      don't hold your breath.

      Here are the tracklists for all five discs, although we know you have
      those first three tattooed on your lower back already:

      Pink Flag:

      01 Reuters
      02 Field Day for the Sundays
      03 Three Girl Rhumba
      04 Ex-Lion Tamer
      05 Lowdown
      06 Start to Move
      07 Brazil
      08 It's So Obvious
      09 Surgeon's Girl
      10 Pink Flag
      11 The Commercial
      12 Straight Line
      13 106 Beats That
      14 Mr Suit
      15 Strange
      16 Fragile
      17 Mannequin
      18 Different to Me
      19 Champs
      20 Feeling Called Love
      21 12XU

      Chairs Missing:

      01 Practice Makes Perfect
      02 French Film Blurred
      03 Another the Letter
      04 Men 2nd
      05 Marooned
      06 Sand in My Joints
      07 Being Sucked in Again
      08 Heartbeat
      09 Mercy
      10 Outdoor Miner
      11 I Am the Fly
      12 I Feel Mysterious Today
      13 From the Nursery
      14 Used To
      15 Too Late


      01 I Should Have Known Better
      02 Two People in a Room
      03 The 15th
      04 The Other Window
      05 Single K.O.
      06 A Touching Display
      07 On Returning
      08 A Mutual Friend
      09 Blessed State
      10 Once is Enough
      11 Map Ref. 41°N 93°W
      12 Indirect Enquiries
      13 40 Versions

      Live at the Roxy, London - April 1st & 2nd 1977:

      April 1st:

      01 The Commercial
      02 Mary Is a Dyke
      03 Too True
      04 Just Don't Care
      05 Strange
      06 Brazil
      07 It's So Obvious
      08 Three Girl Rhumba
      09 TV
      10 Straight Line
      11 Lowdown
      12 Feeling Called Love
      13 NYC
      14 After Midnight
      15 12XU
      16 Mr Suit
      17 Glad All Over

      April 2:

      18 The Commercial
      19 Mary Is a Dyke
      20 Too True
      21 Just Don't Care
      22 Strange
      23 Brazil
      24 It's So Obvious
      25 Three Girl Rhumba
      26 TV
      27 Straight Line
      28 Lowdown
      29 Feeling Called Love
      30 NYC
      31 After Midnight
      32 12XU
      33 Glad All Over
      34 Mr. Suit

      Live at CBGB Theatre, New York - July 18th 1978:

      01 Men 2nd
      02 Reuters
      03 106 Beats That
      04 From the Nursery
      05 Dot Dash
      06 Another the Letter
      07 Practice Makes Perfect
      08 Marooned
      09 I Am the Fly
      10 Lowdown
      11 Mercy
      12 Outro

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      * Pitchfork Review: Wire: Send
      * Wire: http://www.pinkflag.com/
      * PostEverything: http://www.posteverything.com/
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