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Clip: Tom Verlaine Prepares Two New Albums

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  • Carl Z.
    But will there be a new Television disc this decade? I loved the last one...as old as Warm and Cool...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      But will there be a new Television disc this decade? I loved the last
      one...as old as Warm and Cool...


      Tom Verlaine Prepares Two New Albums

      James Gregory reports:
      With his icy blue guitar lines straight out of a Tron-like future,
      Television guitarist Tom Verlaine was the most distinctive axe-slinger
      of the 70s punk scene (sorry Brian James, but it's true). Verlaine's
      recorded output has been slim in recent years, but that will change
      this spring, with two new Verlaine solo discs set to hit stores on
      April 25.

      Songs and Other Things and Around, both coming out on Thrill Jockey,
      will be Verlaine's first releases of new material since 1992's Warm
      and Cool. (Warm and Cool was reissued by Thrill Jockey last year.)
      While not quite a calculated Use Your Illusion move, the twin albums
      will offer up both sides of Verlaine's post-Television output in two
      tidy packages, with the former disc featuring vocals and lyrics, and
      the latter an instrumental album.

      Verlaine's first solo album adorned with his distinctive singing style
      since 1990's The Wonder, Songs and Other Things features 14 new
      tracks. Around, the 16-song instrumental disc, will be a jazzier set,
      utilizing many of the same musicians found on Warm and Cool, including
      Television drummer Billy Ficca.

      The blow up:

      >>Songs and Other Things:

      01 A Parade in Littleton
      02 Heavenly Charm
      03 Orbit
      04 Blue Light
      05 From Her Fingers
      06 Nice Actress
      07 A Stroll
      08 The Earth Is in the Sky
      09 Lovebird Asylum Seeker
      10 Documentary
      11 Shingaling
      12 All Weirded Out
      13 The Day on You
      14 Peace Piece


      01 The O of Adore
      02 Brief Description
      03 Rain, Sidewalk
      04 Shadow Walks Away
      05 Meteor Beach
      06 Mountain
      07 Candle
      08 Balcony
      09 Flame
      1O Curtains Open
      11 Eighty Eights
      12 A Burned Letter
      13 Wheel Broke
      14 The Suns Gliding!
      15 New
      16 Rings

      For fans who missed Verlaine and co. on the last couple Television
      reunion gigs, a world tour in support of the albums is also in the
      works. Currently assembling his backing band, Verlaine is tentatively
      scheduled to hit the road in late April/early May. It will be his
      first solo outing in more than a decade.

      * Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com/
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