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Clip: Moondog compliation

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  • Carl Z.
    Moondog Resurrected by Damon Albarn Zach Vowell reports: Next time you walk by what looks like just another
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2006

      Moondog Resurrected by Damon Albarn

      Zach Vowell reports:
      Next time you walk by what looks like just another crazy hobo playing
      music on the sidewalk, pay attention. Louis Thomas Hardin, who
      christened himself Moondog, spent years jamming on the corner of 54th
      and Sixth in Manhattan. He was blind, had a long beard, and dressed up
      like a Viking. He composed percussive, experimental pieces with names
      like "Witch of Endor" and "Frog Bog".

      Devendra Banhart looks like Harry Connick Jr. compared to this guy.
      But Moondog wasn't some outsider freak. He was an innovative,
      influential genius who rubbed shoulders with everybody from Igor
      Stravinsky, Charlie Parker, and Janis Joplin to Julie Andrews, Elvis
      Costello, and Mouse on Mars. He recorded for major labels and tiny
      imprints. He's been covered by Joplin, Antony and the Johnsons, Alan
      Licht, and the Kronos Quartet, NRBQ, and sampled by Mr. Scruff.

      Although Moondog died in 1999, his legacy lives on in the hands of
      none other than Damon Albarn, whose Honest Jon's imprint delivers the
      anthology The Viking of Sixth Avenue to America on March 7. Originally
      released in the UK last fall, the compilation commemorates (and
      helpfully condenses) Moondog's half-century career into a primer for

      The set includes thirty-six tracks recorded between 1949 and 1995,
      with the bulk taken from Moondog's notorious stint in the 60s and 70s
      on that Manhattan street corner.


      01 Themes and Variations
      02 Down Is Up
      03 Bumbo
      04 Big Cat
      05 Oo Debut
      06 Lament 1 "Bird's Lament"
      07 Moondog's Symphony 1 (Timberwolf)
      08 Moondog's Symphony 2 (Sagebrush)
      09 Rabbit Hop
      10 Rimshot
      11 Snaketime Rhythm
      12 Instrumental Round
      13 Double Bass Duo
      14 Why Spend the Dark Night With You
      15 All Is Loneliness
      16 Snaketime Rhythm
      17 Dragon's Teeth
      18 Oboe Round
      19 Be a Hobo
      20 Dog Trot
      21 Oasis
      22 Avenue of the Americas
      23 2 W 46th Street
      24 Lullaby (2 W 46th Street)
      25 Fog on the Hudson (425 W 57th Street)
      26 Utsu
      27 On and Off the Beat
      28 Chant
      29 From One to Nine
      30 Improvisation in 4/4
      31 Enough About Human Rights!
      32 Viking I
      33 Rimshot
      34 Chaconne in G Major
      35 Oasis
      36 Invocation

      * Moondog: http://www.moondogscorner.de/
      * Honest Jon's: http://www.honestjons.com/
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