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Clip: Ray Davies solo album

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  • Carl Z.
    Ray Davies to Release Solo Album, EP Timothy Najmolhoda reports: It s a good time to be a Kinks
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005

      Ray Davies to Release Solo Album, EP

      Timothy Najmolhoda reports:
      It's a good time to be a Kinks fan. More accurately, it's a good time
      to be a Ray Davies fan. It has to be karma or something. After waiting
      patiently for so long, you guys deserve the musical gifts your man is
      about to shower upon you in the forms of an EP, an LP, an exclusive
      club performance, and an appearance on "Conan".

      First up is the benefit EP Thanksgiving Day, which drops November 22
      (two days prior to the eponymous holiday), with the title track
      arriving on iTunes a week earlier, on November 15. Davies describes
      the five-song set as part of an attempt to "discover America;" we hope
      he discovered more than 7-11 parking lots and race riots. Tracklist:

      01 Thanksgiving Day
      02 Yours Truly Confused N10
      03 London Song
      04 Storyteller
      05 Thanksgiving Day (Alternative Mix)

      All net proceeds from the sale of the EP will benefit music education
      programs in New Orleans. So if you're not gonna buy it for the music,
      at least do it for the children!

      After Thanksgiving Day's release, Ray is gonna hit the promotional
      circuit real quick. He'll perform the title track live on "Late Night
      With Conan O'Brien" on...wait for it...Thanksgiving Day. (Actually,
      more like Thanksgiving Late Night.) The following Monday, November 28,
      he and his band (not the Kinks, sorry) will play a one-off show at the
      Supper Club in New York City.

      But what is all this action leading up to? It just so happens that,
      come February, Davies will release his first-ever solo album. We know,
      we know, it's hard to believe that Ray Davies has never released a
      solo set before, but we've thought about it long and hard, and Return
      to Waterloo and that Storytellers thing just don't count. And Davies'
      marketing people seem to agree with us.

      Entitled Other People's Lives, the disc hits February 7. Odds are it
      will really get you then. Tracklist:

      01 Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
      02 After the Fall
      03 Next Door Neighbour
      04 All She Wrote
      05 Creatures of Little Faith
      06 Run Away From Time
      07 The Tourist
      08 Is There Life After Breakfast?
      09 The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
      10 Other People's Lives
      11 Stand Up Comic
      12 Over My Head
      13 Thanksgiving Day

      * Ray Davies: http://www.raydavies.info
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