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Clip: Low Get Remixed by Merritt, Mould

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  • Carl Zimring
    Low Get Remixed by Merritt, Mould Kavitha Chekuru reports: So there s this Low song called Monkey. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2005

      Low Get Remixed by Merritt, Mould

      Kavitha Chekuru reports:
      So there's this Low song called "Monkey." In it, the Minnesotan trio do
      that slow-core chant that they do so well, repeating "tonight the monkey
      dies" over and over again.

      I never know whether to laugh or cry. Well, here's a reason to be cheerful:
      the track, from the band's most recent album, The Great Destroyer, has been
      remixed by an impressive group of people, including Fog, Stephin Merritt,
      Bob Mould and The Count. (Is is the Count from "Sesame Street"? We can only
      hope.) The mixes are collected on a new EP, aptly titled, Tonight the
      Monkeys Die: Low Remixed. Tracklist:

      01 Monkey
      02 Monkey (Fog Remix)
      03 Monkey (Crew Jones Remix)
      04 Monkey (Stephin Merritt Remix)
      05 Monkey (Bob Mould Remix)
      06 Monkey (The Count Remix)

      The EP is currently available on iTunes, but the band will be releasing it
      soon as a CD and 12" on their Chairkickers Union label. Sorry kids, there
      doesn't appear to be a trance mix or mash-up with "Get Ur Freak On" on

      In other Low news, the band contributed a cover of the Beatles' "Nowhere
      Man" to the forthcoming This Bird Has Flown-- A 40th Anniversary Tribute to
      the Beatles' Rubber Soul, out October 25 on Razor & Tie. As previously
      reported, that disc also includes Beatles covers by Sufjan Stevens, the
      Fiery Furnaces, Nellie McKay, Ted Leo, the Donnas, and more.

      Low are also set to return to the stage for the first time since canceling
      their American tour earlier this year (frontman Alan Sparhawk had a bit of
      a freakout). The will perform at the Paste magazine Rock n Reel Festival in
      Decatur, Georgia on October 22, and at a "special holiday concert" at First
      Avenue in Minneapolis on December 9. Perhaps the monkeys will be spared
      certain death on those nights.

      * Low: www.chairkickers.com/
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