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Clip: First Bonnie "Prince" Billy Live Album Due in November

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  • Carl Zimring
    First Bonnie Prince Billy Live Album Due in November James Gregory reports: Toss away
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2005

      First Bonnie "Prince" Billy Live Album Due in November

      James Gregory reports:
      Toss away your razors and toupees, because backwoods poet laureate (and R.
      Kelly super-fan) Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy aka Bizonnie
      "Prizzince" Bizzle has revealed plans for his first-ever live album. We're
      happy to report that the 17-track i>Summer in the Southeast will hit
      shelves on November 15, courtesy of Sea Note records (yet another Drag City
      sub-label). The collection was recorded in ten southern U.S. states during
      Billy's 2004 tour (including Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and North
      Carolina), and features the following indie-hallowed inspirationals:

      01 Master And Everyone
      02 Pushkin
      03 Blokbuster
      04 Wolf Among Wolves
      05 May It Always Be
      06 Break of Day
      07 A Sucker's Evening
      08 Nomadic Revery
      09 I See a Darkness
      10 O Let It Be
      11 Beast for Thee
      12 Death to Everyone
      13 Even If Love
      14 I Send My Love to You
      15 Take However Long You Want
      16 Madeleine Mary
      17 Ease Down The Road

      The live disc, this year's second "Prince" LP following the superb
      Superwolf collaboration with Matt Sweeney, also features the talents of
      Sweeney, David Byrd, Ryder McNair, Pink Nasty, Paul Oldham, Peter Townsend,
      Adam Smith and Will's bro Paul Oldham, who mixed the disc.

      According to a label press release, Oldham and crew used the occasion of
      the live album to experiment with Oldham's vast back catalog:

      "Songs get the radical retune at the drop of a hat-- and with every new
      collection of musicians, a different version! That's what we have here a
      set of classic Bonnie songs (and the odd Palace number) affected by their
      players and the environment to climb new heights time and again. Rocking
      and raging, dropping to whisper and lilting where they once ran, the songs
      are part of the joyous affair between Bonnie and his fans. The energy of
      these shows is in the recordings along with the music - for you to feed off
      of too!"

      And in other news, you've just read the most number of exclamation points
      ever used in a Will Oldham story! Score!

      * Bonnie "Prince" Billy: www.bonnieprincebilly.com/
      * Drag City: www.dragcity.com/
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